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Feedback Q&A on TQM

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 211 comments and questions on TQM issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Complaints Handling customer dissatisfaction challenges South Africa
Principles Showed TQM be broad-based? Philippines
Principles Use TQM to reduce equipment and workforce Ethiopia
Empower Secretaries What was the aim and result of this case study? India
Restaurant Quality How to stop customers from complaining? Philippines
General Applying Deming's 14 Points South Africa
General What is TQM in foundry industry? India
General Send me new updates on TQM India
General Role of TQM in on organisation development Kenya
Restaurant Quality What would you do to improve quality control? USA

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Handling customer dissatisfaction challenges

Topic: Complaints


December 2, 2010

How will i handle challenges which would lead to customer dissatisfaction?

Aletta - South Africa



The most important thing is to give good service to your customers. You need friendly, courteous and respectful sales representatives. Even if the product does not have good quality, if the service is good, the customer will not be dissatisfied.

Do not wait for customer complaints. Instead, seek to satisfy their needs so that they leave you happy.

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Showed TQM be broad-based?

Topic: Principles


November 29, 2010

In the organization of Total Quality Management,what doesn't mean that a broad-based quality effort has been needed?

Dennis - Philippines



A company can implement Total Quality Management simply because it wants to improve the way they do business and to increase profits. There may be only one area in the company that does low-quality work and needs to be improved. However, TQM starts with the company leaders and typically it is a broad-based quality effort for the whole company.

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Use TQM to reduce equipment and workforce

Topic: Principles


November 26, 2010

how can we implement total quality management with less equipment, less work force, less capital and less space. this i got from the state university case study in russel and talor book.

moges - Ethiopia



The main idea of Total Quality Management is to improve your product so that it will satisfy your customers and increase your sales. Another reason for TQM is to reduce the waste and losses involved in making your products, such that you will make a greater profit on each sale. These are the goals your company should have.

However, if your goals are simply to reduce the amount of equipment and workforce, your business will end up with less sales and less profits. It is not the approach to take.

Ideally, you would like to have so much business that you will need more equipment and more workers. You would like your business to grow.

In the effort to reduce waste, you may find that you have duplicate equipment or equipment that is not functioning well and should be removed. Likewise, you may find that some workers and managers are not efficient. They should either be retrained or let go. Efficient workers and capable managers are important to make quality products.

For a slide show Russell and Taylor concepts see:

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What was the aim and result of this case study?

Topic: Empower Secretaries


October 5, 2010

i need to know wat was their aim and wat and all problem they arised in this case study and for those problem wat was the solution
wat techniques did they apply to overcome problemsand implemnting those techniques how did it worked out and last conclusion for that case study

ROHINI - India



The problem concerning civil servant secretaries was that their supervisors were sometimes dissatisfied with the performance, while the secretaries felt they were not being respected for their skills.

A series of meetings with secretaries and supervisors allowed the airing of problems and possible solutions. One downside on these meetings was that few, if any, supervisors cared to participate. However, a list of suggested improvements in working conditions, as well as in the processes involved by the secretaries in their work, was presented to upper management.

The secretaries were given a new role as administrative assistants, which better reflected the work they did and gave them a sense of being part of the team. Some of the other suggestions were implemented, while others fell by the wayside.

It is difficult to tell how effective these changes were over a long period of time, because attitudes are difficult to change and there were no statistics taken to verify changes. However, in the short run both the secretaries and management were satisfied.

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How to stop customers from complaining?

Topic: Restaurant Quality


September 21, 2010

i am about to open my restaurant business,how can i manage customers whose having a behavior of keeping complain? because i have only a narrow space to occupy customers, your ideas is highly appreciated, REGARDS!

Melinda - Philippines



When a person complains in a restaurant, it is because either the food or the service is not up to the person's expectations. Of course, some people may expect more than is reasonable. However, you should listen to the complaints and use them as a way to improve your business.

One good thing to do is to have a Suggestion Cards available for your customers. On the card, have written: "I hope you have enjoyed your meal here. Do we you have any suggestions how we can improve our food or service?" Then leave a space for a comment.

Suggestion Cards can be valuable in showing your customers that you care about them, as well as to give you some ideas of how to improve. Also, if customers have an opportunity to write down their complaints or suggestions, they may not be voicing them out loud.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in a successful restaurant business.

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Applying Deming's 14 Points

Topic: General


September 14, 2010

I need help on how can i use the 14 points for total quality management (TQM),as a questioner directed to the department of management and law in the institution/ university of limpopo, asking the department: which of those principle do they apply in insuring TQM in the institution/department

your contribution will directly and indirectly help me as i am also doing BCOM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (level 2)


VONGANI - South Africa



You can summarize Deming's 14 Points for TQM into three major areas:

1. Satisfy the customer
2. Help your suppliers and workers provide quality goods and services
3. Continuously improve

See: for more information.

The customer for the Dept. of Management and law in the University is the administration that provides them with funding, as well as the students who pay tuition for an education.

Teachers and professors are suppliers of education. The department must assure they have good conditions and training to their their jobs effectively.

Policies, procedures and methods must be continually improved.

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What is TQM in foundry industry?

Topic: General


September 7, 2010

Respected sir,
I want to know actually what "Total quality management" means. Also the TQM related with foundry or may be an industry and it's importance. Thank you very much.

indrajeet - India



Total Quality Management is a philosophy of management that stresses satisfying the customer's expectations, continuously improving the way the work is done, and helping the suppliers provide quality parts and work. Continuous improvement is monitored through statistical methods.

In the foundry industry, it is important that the parts cast fulfill the customer's requirements and specifications. Improvements should be made to avoid waste and errors. Workers need to have clear instructions about what to do, as well as the temperatures to use. It is also important for management to listen to suggestions from workers on how to improve processes. They must be partners in the effort to produce quality products.

The motto is not to work harder but to work better.

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Send me new updates on TQM

Topic: General


August 9, 2010

send me new updates

lavanya - India



We will be updating soon. Please check back.

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Role of TQM in on organisation development

Topic: General


July 27, 2010

the role of total quality management on organisation development

fred - Kenya



Total Quality Management (TQM) is a philosophy of doing business that emphasizes a commitment to quality in all areas of an organization.

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What would you do to improve quality control?

Topic: Restaurant Quality


July 21, 2010

What would you do to improve quality control?

Example of profit and Loss in the restaurant?




The top restaurant chains have an employee manual that explains how to treat customers, as well as the proper way to handle and cook food. They also usually have suggestion cards, where customers can give feedback or voice complaints. Any complaints are dealt with and corrected immediately.

It is wise for a small restaurant to follow the example of the larger, successful chains.

Profit equals income (money taken in) minus costs (food, rent, wages, upkeep). If the cost is greater than income, there is a loss. Some reasons for losses are lack up customers, too many expenses and wasteful practices.

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