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Feedback Q&A on TQM

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 211 comments and questions on TQM issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Restaurant Quality How to build up customer relations Philippines
Complaints How can I answer courier questions? Uganda
General Improving with TQM Malaysia
General How could TQM affect planning? UK
Inspecting for Quality Action level method of stock control Kenya
Inspecting for Quality Quality answer is not the best Jordan
Variability Reduction Why are tolerances often used in production? Jordan
General Improving TQM in company South Africa
Principles Relevance of TQM Uganda
General Difference between TQM and Quality Management India

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How to build up customer relations

Topic: Restaurant Quality


December 2, 2011

How to build up customer relation during restaurant operation?

kenneth - Philippines



Obviously, you should provide quality food and service.

A good way to improve customer relations is to give a Survey Card with the bill that asks the customer's opinion on how the food and service was. As a reward for handing the the card, offer something like a free entree or dessert the next time the person comes in. Although it may cost a little, it will assure the person comes back and creates good will.

Best wishes in the restaurant.

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How can I answer courier questions?

Topic: Complaints


November 9, 2011

How can i answer courier questions?

kyokunda - Uganda



The goal is to satisfy the customer and to solve their problem. You can be polite and sympathetic with their problems. However, what is important is that the company management realizes any complaints and tries to rectify them.

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Improving with TQM

Topic: General


November 9, 2011

how to improve tqm?

aina - Malaysia



TQM is a management system and philosophy of business that promotes continuous improvement. Seek to improve the processes or ways the work is done as a way to improve profits and business.

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How could TQM affect planning?

Topic: General


November 8, 2011

How TQM could affect the application of business planning and corporate expectations

luckshan - UK



TQM provides a philosophy and methods for improving business based on satisfying customers and continuing improving methods in order to increase quality and reduce waste. A big problem area is when corporate and stockholder expectation are on short-term profits, such that they overlook customer retention and the up-front cost of improving quality.

Business planning requires measuring customer satisfaction and costs of waste, among other things. Planning should look toward improving the business and not simply getting things done.

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Action level method of stock control

Topic: Inspecting for Quality


November 2, 2011

Explain the action level method of stock control

Patrick - Kenya



There are several methods for controlling stock or inventory. You can identify a minimum stock level and re-order when stock reaches that level, or you can have regular reviews of stock and place an order to return stocks to a predetermined level. There are also Just In Time (JIT) control, and First in, first out methods.

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Quality answer is not the best

Topic: Inspecting for Quality


October 11, 2011


I read the article and solved the mini-quiz, but regarding the question #2 "What is an important aspect of SPC?", I am actually not convinced with the correct answer, which is answer a "It is seeking to improve the process and not the worker", because while we are applying SPC, we might inspect that the problem of defective results is that the worker misuses a machine, or does not communicate well with other co-workers, therefore, solving this problem means that we are improving both the process and the worker as well.
So, i nominate answer c "It weeds out failures before products are delivered".

Looking forward for your reply soon.


rasha - Jordan



You bring up an interesting point. In its pure sense, statistical process control (SPC)is only looking at a process--especially in manufacturing--as a way to optimize its efficiency and reduce waste. It is assumed that the workers are doing their jobs as instructed. However, if a worker does not follow procedure and misuses a machine, either by ignorance, carelessness, or even the influence of drugs or alcohol, the best process in the world can be torn down. In other words, the human factor should also come into play.

For now, I think a better answer would be (c). But also, I will improve the lesson, as well as add some others to bring into control of worker miscues. One possible method is Prevent Mistakes with Poka-Yoke.

Thanks for your feedback on this issue.

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Why are tolerances often used in production?

Topic: Variability Reduction


October 11, 2011

regarding question 1, why the correct answer is a not c ??


rasha - Jordan



I changed the wording slightly to clarify things. The reason for tolerances is: (a) To provide limitations on the dimensions of an object.

That is a definition of an item's tolerance.

The reason for tolerances has nothing to do with making measurements.

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Improving TQM in company

Topic: General


October 3, 2011

I'm currently looking for any ways or recommendations on how to improve TQM internally and externally.

Simthembile - South Africa



The most important thing is that the leader of the company wants to improve things. The leader must buy into using TQM.

The internal attitude should be to satisfy the customers and improve the way business is done. This should be in the companys mission statement, and every employee should want to satisfy the external customers. Quality product and good customer service are important.

Helping your suppliers provide quality goods is done through training and clear communication about what you expect. This is also true for internal suppliers, which are the workers.

All along, you need to monitor improvements and let everyone know how you are achieving your goals.

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Relevance of TQM

Topic: Principles


September 2, 2011

discuss the relevance of total quality management.

Higgy - Uganda



Total Quality Management (TQM) concentrates on satisfying customers such that they will make more purchases, as well as refer others to the business. This results in increased revenue.

TQM also improves processes that result in reducing waste and lowering costs.

TQM also enables workers and suppliers to allow them to make a greater input to the profits of the company.

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Difference between TQM and Quality Management

Topic: General


August 25, 2011

any difference between tqm and quality management

jaya - India



TQM (Total Quality Management) means the management of quality for the whole business, from upper management down to the worker level. Quality Management can be the same as TQM, but the expression may also be used in some companies to be like Quality Control, where the concern is only on the production line.

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