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Feedback Q&A on Training

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 35 comments and questions on Training issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Wants to do soft skill training India
As Business Starting training program
Determine ROI Applying for a job
Determine ROI Training customers
Confidence Quizzing on confidence USA

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Wants to do soft skill training

Topic: General


December 22, 2003

I am working as life skill trainer in one of the schools in Vizag. Prior to this I was working as quality leader in of the call centers in Delhi. Now, I want to persue my career as a soft skill trainer. I am a graduate (Literature) and a diploma in computers. I want to know how can I be a qualified soft skill trainer? At present, I am working for as a life skill trainer. Kindly advice.

Ankita - India



You havea good background, which should provide you with some flexibility in employment. has a listing for a Soft Skill Manager at

You can check such listings to see what companies are hiring for that position, as well as the job requirements. You may need further education in some of the behavioral sciences the qualify. Doing the initial investigation is important so that you can appear knowledgable about the business when you do apply for such a job.

Smartkids-India looks like an interesting company, and their objectives are somewhat parallel to the School for Champions. What sort of work are you doing with them? Also, do you have the email address of V.M. Samuel. I would like to write him concerning his business.

Best wishes in advancing your career and in finding a new position.

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Starting training program

Topic: As Business


October 7, 2003

Hello, I am about to accept a position with a company in upper management. This company has no training program at this time, but is very interested in getting one started. Since all of my other employers already had training programs in place I have never had to establish one. I feel very capable to do it , but would like a little guidence on where to get started. I believe that this would be a great way to show my interest in helping the company prosper. Thank You, Eddie

Edward -



The biggest issue in establishing a training program is to show those above you the value of it and return on investment. Many companies see training as money out the window. It has to be shown that workers will become more productive and will increase profits for the company with their new skills. An area of concern is that trained workers may soon leave for higher paying jobs elsewhere.

The big thing is to establish some specific goals to achieve or problems to solve with the training.

With the number of good online trainng programs available, you may be able to provide training at reduced costs compared with classroom training.

Best wishes in your efforts. Let me know what happens with your plans.

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Applying for a job

Topic: Determine ROI


October 1, 2003

Hi there, I am due to have an interview for a new position within the company I work for. Within this I need to complete a presentation and one of the options was on ROI in training. I was a little unclear about the whole meaning of ROI until I read this information on the website. I have taken notes from it and now have a good understanding. I am confident I will be able to deliver an effective presentation with my own explanations of ROI from the information you have provided. Thank you !


P.S. I got all 3 questions right !!

Louise -



Best wishes on getting that new position.

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Training customers

Topic: Determine ROI


August 19, 2003

Shouldn't your 1st quiz question read "Why should a company train their employees" instead of "customer" as you have there?

Joe -



Often companies must train their customers to effectively use the product.

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Quizzing on confidence

Topic: Confidence


July 30, 2003

Hi Ron, My name is Christopher and I'm a Training Consultant in a retail company in Hong Kong. Recently, I'm researching the subject about self-confidence for a training program. Through the internet, I access to your website, and found it very interesting.

I would like to know if you have any resources about how to quiz to test the confidence level of a person. I'm looking forward to your answer. Thanks for your attention. Best regards,

Christopher - USA



Measuring a person's confidence level could be tricky. For one thing, optimists feel confident and say they can succeed, while pessimist will often say they will fail, even if they have a high success rate. They may not sound confident, but in their heart they know they can succeed. They just don't like to admit it.

Often confidence is a "gut" feeling that is hard to express. I'm sure there are plenty of tests for confidence done in the name of psychology and human behavior. Unfortunately, I don't have such references readily at my finger tips.

Any discussion and ideas about improving confidence should have a way to measure and verify the concepts. I will have to do that in order to improve my own comments on the subject. When I come across such tests, I'll let you know. Likewise, keep me informed on what you find out.

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