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Feedback Q&A on Web Design

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 20 comments and questions on Web Design issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Difference between a browser and a search engine USA
Using Animation Want to learn about animation India
General What does random access mean in RAM? India
Different Browsers Images don't look right in Internet Explorer Mauritius
Animation Reasons for animations UK
General What is the definition of a website? India
Animation Wants animations in java tutorials india
General Building dynamic site with PDF files Jamaica
General Best language USA
General Create hyperlink in footer USA

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Difference between a browser and a search engine

Topic: General


November 24, 2009

School for Champions
I get different Answers to this question. What is the difference between a browser and a search engine? My Mac computer has Safari. I assume this is the browser although I have heard people call Google a browser which I thought was a search engine. ( Not Chrome Google which I assume is a browser) but please correct me if I'm wrong. Incidentally, do you plan to ever introduce calculus in your courses? You seem to have a flair for making the complex comprehensible. And we are often told that without a calculus base, a knowledge of science can only be on an extremely elementary level. Thank you so much for your answer and for your contribution to education.

Aldo - USA



The browser is what you use to view web pages. Safari is the browser on your computer. Another browser is Internet Explorer.

A search engine is the website used to search for and find information on the Internet. Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search are common search engines.

I'd like to introduce Calculus, but it is a dilly to do. First, I need to add more to the Algebra section. But I will follow your suggestion and start putting some Calculus material in the site.

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Want to learn about animation

Topic: Using Animation


April 2, 2009

I Believe I have skill to learn animation because I draw many cartoons in my school life, but presently I worked in software field as a programmer. I am interested to learn more about animation please help me.

anto - India



If you are good in drawing, it is worthwhile to learn one of the computer illustration programs. Adobe at has the top programs, but they are expensive. There are other programs to use to learn to draw computer illustrations.

Most animations are done with Adobe Flash. There are programs available that are less expensive and will output in the Flash format. See our lessons at:

Flash also allows some pretty fancy effects for those with programming knowledge.

Best wishes for a career as an animator.

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What does random access mean in RAM?

Topic: General


December 5, 2008

i know RAM means random access memory, but what does the word mean "random access"?

Gurjinder - India



The early types of memory was recorded on a tape drive. That meant that things had to be in a linear order, one after an other. With the present random access memory (RAM), the stored data can be accessed in any order. It isn't really random, but just independent of the order it was saved.

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Images don't look right in Internet Explorer

Topic: Different Browsers


August 1, 2008

hi,am just doing a module on web design at school,,so ive got a problem with IE browser,,,the pages are good in firefox,,,but on IE some pictures i modified in fireworks are not previewed as they really are ,,, for instance when i use a picture with a colorless canvas in fireworks,,,it automatically get the canvas color white when previewed in IE,,so a special so i jst made and effect of glass to be the background of my page,,but the effect is not good in IE,is the problem the browser or the picture/??? thanks in advance

chemben - Mauritius



The difference between browsers is the type of problem that plagues web designers. Although Internet Explorer is getting closer to industry standards, they still like to try to "help" designers with certain features that are not standard.

I made an image in Fireworks with a colorless canvas and saved it as a PNG file. I placed it in a table cell with a colored background. The PNG file canvas was colorless both in IE and Firefox. When I converted the file to a JPG file, the canvas was automatically made white.

Note that in the previous version of Dreamweaver, you could preview the file on their simulation of IE and Firefox. But in the new version, the files must be uploaded and viewed on the real browsers. That may be your problem. If not, I'm not sure what is happening.

I hope this helps.

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Reasons for animations

Topic: Animation


April 3, 2006

what are the capabilities and limitations of animation for the web. e.g not being able to flash a flash movie if flash has not been downloaded.

what are the reasons for animation on the web.

advantages and disadvantages for animation on the web.

oludare - UK



Animations can be used to demonstrate a process, but often they are just used for entertainment purposes. And quite often they are overused and actually can be irritating to the user.

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What is the definition of a website?

Topic: General


February 1, 2006


REKHA - India



A web page is a single page that can be displayed on the Internet. The best format for a web page is with HTML code in its background. But a web page can be a Word document, a text file, a PDF file or other format.

It is easy to add graphics and images in an HTML page, thus making it look good.

A website is an organized group of web pages that is on the Internet at a given web address or URL. Like for example.

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Wants animations in java tutorials

Topic: Animation


August 26, 2005

i want to add animation in my web application.
my web application is online java tutor & especially on topic of applet.
i want to add animation using advanced java programming.
so ,please reply me & give me some guidance for developing my project.

dhara - india



Even though you are making a tutorial on java, the easiest tool for animations is Macromedia Flash. You can use it to simulate what would happen from the java programming and use of applets.

Unless your tutorial is on developing animations in java, Flash is quicker to use for demonstrations.

Best wishes in your project.

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Building dynamic site with PDF files

Topic: General


May 16, 2005


I am a webmaster and I have to put a database in a existing webpage. Actually it is a library with search engine, but the database is all in PDF Files and it should be kept in PDF files.
I would really appreciate if you could give me a name for a software, which I can buy or even a Java Script.

Many thanks in advance


Christine - Jamaica



I assume you have all the PDF files in a folder and the database accesses them by name when called up from the search engine or a form. Typically the database is queried using a language like ASP, ColdFusion or PHP. In any case, your server must be able to use one of those languages.

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Best language

Topic: General


December 2, 2003

What is the best programming language or technology (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion MX, J2EE, VB .Net, C# .Net)using in Web development?

Van - USA



HTML is used as the basic structure of all web pages. It is very simple and must be known.

JavaScript allows for user interactions and special effects. Most developers use templates of existing JS code instead of writing new code.

ColdFusion is a markup language CFML that allows for dynamic pages. It can do much of the same as J2EE, VB.Net and C#.Net, but with much simpler coding. The down side is that a ColdFusion server is required.

The .Net languages can be cumbersome, but the fact that they are from Microsoft gives them an edge, and more companies use those technologies than any others. VB.Net is the most popular.

Although I like working in ColdFusion, the .Net route has the most jobs available.

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Create hyperlink in footer

Topic: General


August 20, 2003

Can you suggest a way to create a hyperlink in the footer. I want to add a Table of contents in the footer so that an user can directly go to the Table of contents from any page he is in.

Mahua - USA



In the newer versions of Word, there should be a "Create a Hyperlink" icon on the top menu. Then the user can use CRTL-click to jump to the TOC. I believe there is a similar feature in FrameMaker. It is straighforward in web pages.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Web Design issues.

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