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Feedback Q&A on Writing

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 141 comments and questions on Writing issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Taking the TOEFL IBT test Ecuador
General Write this essay for me Nigeria
Book Royalties Transcribing book material USA
General Wants the basics of writing India
General All I want in life is to write Canada
General Do I get credit for this course? Australia
Book Report How I make my writing a reality? Nigeria
Get Paid for Fiction Send me some information about physics India
General Looking for an online writing course Ireland
Journal Journal writing for kindergarten students USA

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Taking the TOEFL IBT test

Topic: General


May 15, 2014

I need the most important, effective and quick instructions to succeed in writing, in 7 days I will take the IBT TOEFL test, this skill I feel is still weak in me.

Dennis - Ecuador



The best suggestion I could give to help you in taking the test is to do a search on "TOEFL IBT practice".

There are a number of good, free websites that give sample questions and helpful tips on taking the test.

Also, get plenty of rest the night before the test, and go in with a positive attitude of doing well in the test.

Best wishes for a success in your test.

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Write this essay for me

Topic: General


April 29, 2014

Write this essay for me titled: the power of your vote, a catalyst for a stable and united Nigeria

nnajiaku - Nigeria



The whole idea of writing an essay is for you to improve your skills in research and expressing yourself in writing. Having someone else write for you does not help you grow.

You have a good title. Now, do some research on the subject and express your views in your essay.

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Transcribing book material

Topic: Book Royalties


May 23, 2013

Good Day,

I was recently asked to transcribe a book on someone's life and had a question on payment. He was asking what I would charge and I wanted to know if transcribers can get royalties or if it is usually just a flat fee (work for hire). Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Greg - USA



Typically, transcribing material is done on an hourly basis. Sometimes it is done per word. Just as an editor or cover designer does not get a royalty, neither do transcribers. Plus, in seeking a royalty instead of getting paid upfront, you face the risk of making no money if the book doesn't sell.

A good way to do it is to transcribe a sample section as a starter. Then you can estimate how long it will take according to the difficulty of the material. Once you have a good idea, you can negotiate a rate or fee.

Best wishes in your venture.

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Wants the basics of writing

Topic: General


July 17, 2012

basics of writing

mahadeva B S - India



Go through the lessons in Succeed in Writing to give you an introduction to good wirting.

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All I want in life is to write

Topic: General


April 1, 2012

to whom this may concern...

all i want in life is to write. im a striving author im also a mother of three thanks to my husbanf and children bring over 9 i have alot of time to write but from reading oviously you can tell i need help with punctuation and grammar and spelling iv'e been coming the internet sending millions of people my story on how all i want or writting lessons cresspondence by mail or by e-mail anything i just know i cant offard the 500 dollard fees that some sites are asking for if by any chance you can send me what courses you do have in writting i would forever remember and thank you in every single book i can get published one day urs truly jessika savage

jessika - Canada



You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on fees to improve your spelling and grammar.

If you are using Microsoft Word to write your material, it has a very good spell-checker and grammar checker. It will point out words and expressions where you need to make corrections. Even online blogs have spell-checkers built in.

The big thing is not to be careless in your writing. Think of the reader, such that you put in a period at the end of a sentence and capitalize the first word of a sentence. Not to do this is simply careless writing.

A good book to help getting started in writing is "Writer Mama" by Christina Katz. It is intended for mothers who want to get the time to write while raising their children. It gives some good tips on writing ideas.

Taking a writing course is often an excuse for not writing. It is good to write your thoughts and ideas every day in a journal. But also, go over what you write to make it readable. You want to have pride in what you write.

I'm going to be putting up some material on grammar soon. Also check my Fiction Writing area.

Best wises for success in your writing.

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Do I get credit for this course?

Topic: General


March 1, 2011

once i have completed the course for writing do i get a letter or certificate to say i have completed it

chloe - Australia



Our lessons are meant to help you learn and supplement a regular course. You can use the various lessons of interest to help you.

Since there is no registration and no exams, there is no certification for using the lessons. But also, they are free to use.

Best wishes on improving your writing skills.

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How I make my writing a reality?

Topic: Book Report


January 17, 2011

How I make my writing a reality

Adepeju - Nigeria



One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to write a journal that includes your thoughts, experiences and observations of other people. Some people use an Internet blog to do this, but often writing down thoughts and observations in a notebook is better.

A journal will give you material for your stories or other things you want to write.

It takes time and work, but that is a way to make your writing become a reality.

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Send me some information about physics

Topic: Get Paid for Fiction


July 14, 2010

this is an interesting web site in making money online and it is used to earn money for some of students while learning.
send me some information about physics and try to send ileana beautiful photos.

sake - India



Look at our lessons on Physics at:

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Looking for an online writing course

Topic: General


March 26, 2010

Hi,I was interested in completing a writing course preferably online and came across your website. Would you please explain to me how this course would work and what is involved and what costs, if any are relevant. Many thanks.

Johanna - Ireland



Our lessons are meant to supplement other studies you are doing or to give you a start in improving your writing skills.

Most online writing courses will charge you to participate, especially since the teacher or or some assistant must often review what you write. Sometimes it is better to take a local writing course in night school, where you can interact with the teacher and other students.

That doesn't mean that you can't improve your writing by yourself keeping a journal is a good way to get you to write more.

Best wishes in finding a suitable writing course.

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Journal writing for kindergarten students

Topic: Journal


February 12, 2010

I was hoping to get information on how to launch the journal writing aspect to my kindergartebn students - much of what I am reading about does not seem to have links to this type of thinking.




Some websites on journal writing for young children include:

I hope that helps. Best wishes in your class.

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