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by Ron Kurtus (updated 25 June 2023)

The following are resources and references on general Physics:

Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.


Science at NASA - Space science

National Science Foundation - U.S. Government site to promote science research

Video Lessons on Physics - From

Unit Converters

Extensive List of Unit Converters


(Notice: The School for Champions may earn commissions from book purchases)

Top-rated books on Physics

Basics for kids

Physics4Kids - overview of Physics topics

Fun Science for Kids


Matter - Wikipedia

Matter is the Stuff Around You -

Atomic Theory

Dalton's Atomic Theory

John Dalton - Wikipedia

Postulates of Dalton's Atomic Theory -

Atomic Theory - Wikipedia

States of Matter

Matter: Definition & the Five States of Matter -

States of Matter - Purdue University

States of Matter -

States of Matter - NOVA

Video of States of Matter - YouTube

State of Matter - Wikipedia

Phases of Matter - Wikipedia

Phase transition - Wikipedia

States of Matter books

Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter: Phenomenology and Thermodynamics by H.A.J. Oonk and M.T. Calvet; Springer (2010) $109.00

Liquid Crystals: Nature's Delicate Phase of Matter, by Peter J. Collings; Princeton University Press (2001) $46.38

Extreme States of Matter in Strong Interaction Physics: An Introduction by Helmut Satz; Springer (2012) $59.95

States of Matter by David L. Goodstein; Dover Pubns (2002) $40.15

Children's books

What Is the World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquids, and Gases by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld and Paul Meisel; Collins (1998) $5.99

States of Matter: A Question and Answer Book by Bayrock and Fiona; Capstone Press (2007) $6.75

Solids, Liquids, And Gases by Ginger Garrett: Childrens Pr (2005) $4.95

Experiments With Solids, Liquids, and Gases by Salvatore Tocci; Children's Press (2002) $6.95


Kinematics - Wikipedia

1-D Kinematics - The Physics Classroom



Top-rated books on the Physics of Motion

Newton's Laws

Newton's laws - HyperPhysics

Elevator Physics - Newton's Laws - Good links (thanks to Alice for resource)

Newton's laws of motion - Wikipedia


Simple Pendulum - Hyperphysics explanation

How Pendulum Clocks Work - From How Stuff Works

The Foucault Pendulum - University of Louisville pendulum


Top-rated books on Pendulums


The Complete Guide to Sensors - From

Projects and experiments

Science Projects and Experiments - Listing on our site

You and Your Science Fair Project - Projects outline from informED of Australia

Exploratorium Science Explorer - Simple science experiments



Use these resources to get further information on the various Physics and Physical Science topics. If you have some good resources, let me know about them.

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