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World Ranking of Life Expectancy

by Ron Kurtus (revised 18 January 2022) website posted a listing of world ranking of life expectancy for various countries. Links on each country points to further information about the country or entity from Macrotrends.

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Listing of countries

Country Name 2020 Life Expectancy
Hong Kong 84.89
Japan 84.67
Macao 84.30
Switzerland 83.84
Singapore 83.66
Spain 83.61
Italy 83.57
Australia 83.50
Channel Islands 83.14
Iceland 83.07
South Korea 83.06
Israel 83.04
Sweden 82.87
France 82.73
Malta 82.60
Canada 82.52
Norway 82.48
New Zealand 82.36
Ireland 82.35
Netherlands 82.35
Luxembourg 82.31
Greece 82.31
Portugal 82.11
Finland 81.98
Belgium 81.70
Austria 81.63
Germany 81.41
United Kingdom 81.40
Slovenia 81.39
Cyprus 81.05
Denmark 80.97
Taiwan 80.53
Qatar 80.30
Chile 80.27
Puerto Rico 80.19
Guam 80.16
Barbados 79.27
Curacao 78.94
United States 78.93
Poland 78.78
Estonia 78.75
Panama 78.58
Croatia 78.56
UAE 78.03
Uruguay 77.99
Oman 77.95
French Polynesia 77.72
New Caledonia 77.63
Bahrain 77.35
Antigua and Barbuda 77.08
Hungary 76.90
Argentina 76.74
Aruba 76.36
Lithuania 75.95
Kuwait 75.54
Latvia 75.32
Saudi Arabia 75.22
Bahamas 73.95
Trinidad and Tobago 73.55
Seychelles 73.47


Life expectancy for major countries varies from about 85 to 73 years.

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