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Signs You Are Getting Old

by Ron Kurtus (20 January 2016)

There are subtle (and sometimes humorous) signs that you are getting old. Your attitudes about things seem to change. The "old-age" attitudes are almost universal among senior citizens. These attitudes concern new and old things, what you like to talk about, and what you like to do.

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New and old things

You wear your old clothing and never discard something until it's worn out.

You haven't made a new acquaintance in over a month.

You are bothered by the noise and slang of youth.

What you talk about

You tell kids how easy they have it compared with the way things were when you were young.

You keep telling the same stories you've told many times before.

You discuss your ailments with anyone who will listen.

Doing things

You don't read any new books or go to the movies.

You haven't learned a any new activity or taking up any new interest in several years.

You can't decide where to spend your vacation because you just as soon stay home.

You'd never attend a party if you are going to be the only person there over 30.


A sign of getting older is that your attitudes about things seem to change. These attitudes concern new and old things, what you like to talk about, and what you like to do.

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