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by Ron Kurtus (updated 31 March 2022)

The following consists of websites and books on human and animal behavior.

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Use these resources to help your understanding about behavior.

Behavior Theory

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies - Material on behavioral analysis and solutions

Human Behavior and Evolution Society - Group that studies the evolution of human nature

Children and students

Student Behavior Issues - From the Kentucky (U.S.) Department of Education

Behavior Management Site - Good articles on managing behavior problems in children, although interface is self-promoting

How to Talk to Children with Special Needs - From


Link Between Autism and Sleep Issues - From

Self stimulatory behaviors in autism - From Autism Parenting Magazine

Parents’ Guide for Children with Autism - From

Autism Resources and Help

Improve Sleep Time in Autistic Children -

Levels of Autism


Animal Behavior Society - Group that studies animal behavior; articles and links


Common Cat Behavior Issues - ASPCA

Cat Behavior Problems -

Cat Behavior - Wikipedia

Cat Behavior Guide - WebMD

The Tales Your Cat's Tail Tells -

How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing in the House -

Cat Discipline - The Kind Way To Stop Naughty Cat Behavior -

We're All About Cats - Information on cat behavior, cat names, etc.


Common Dog Behavior Issues - ASPCA

Common dog behaviors explained -

Dog Behavior - Wikipedia

10 Common Dog Behavior Problems -

How to Train Your Dog to Roll Over on Command -

Guide to Dog Care - from Puppy to Senior Age - From

Dog Beaches Near Me - Listing


Prestige Affects Cultural Learning in Chimpanzees -

Chimpanzee Behavior - Wikipedia

Chimpanzee Behavior -


Science News - Squirrel Uses IR to Escape from Rattlesnake

Can A Squirrel Lose Its Tail? -

Hookbills and parrots

Natural Encounters - Information and instruction on training parrots, as well as shows featuring trained parrots

World Parrot Trust - British organization promoting parrot conservation and welfare

The Happy Hookbill Homepage - Stories about pet birds

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(Notice: The School for Champions may earn commissions from book purchases)

Animal Behavior by Tim Halliday (Editor); University of Oklahoma Press (1994) $19.95 - Fifteen international zoologists here contribute essays that cover just about every phase of animal life

Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach by John Alcock; Sinauer Associates (2001) $87.85 - Introductory textbook covers the mechanisms of behavior and the evolutionary causes of behavior.

The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior by Bruce Fogle, Anne B. Wilson; Howell Book House (1992) $16.95 - This informative book tells how the canine mind works

The Cat Who Cried for Help: Attitudes, Emotions, and the Psychology of Cats by Nicholas Dodman; Bantam (1999) $13.95 - Examines aggravating cat habits and undesirable behavior, and shows how modifications in such areas as diet, exercise, and environment cause remarkable improvements in the majority of problem cats

Behavior modification books

Behavior Modification: Principles and Procedures by Raymond G. Miltenberger; Wadsworth Publishing (2003) $91.95 - Covers basic topics like the measurement of behavior, reinforcement, punishment, and stimulus control, as well as specific procedures for establishing new behavior

Changing for Good by Dr. James Prochaska, Dr. John Norcross and Dr. Carlo Diclemente, Quill Publishers (1995) $12.95 - Explains a six-stage program for behavior modification

Behavior Coaching by Matt Pasquinilli, Scott Hall; Asian Arts Center Press (2004) $14.95 - A guide to helping your child improve his/her behavior at home, at school, and in public

Top books

Top-rated books on Behavior

Top-rated books on Behavior and Culture

Top-rated books on Group Behavior

Top-rated books on Humorous Behavior

Top-rated books on Behavior Experiments

Top-rated books on Animal Cultures

Top-rated books on Orangutans

Top-rated books on Baboon Behavior

Top-rated books on Parrot Behavior

Top-rated books on Rat Behavior

Top-rated books on Squirrel Behavior

Top-rated books on Dog Behavior



You can use these resources to find out information on behavior theory and issues.

Understand the behavior of others

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