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Benjamin Franklin: Resources

by Ron Kurtus (updated 19 January 2022)

The following books and Web sites are resources on the life and works of Benjamin Franklin. (If you have other good resources to suggest, let us know about them.)


The following Websites are resources on the life of Franklin:

The World of Benjamin Franklin - From the Franklin Institute Science Museum

The Electric Franklin - Material on Franklin from

Benjamin Franklin - From Spectrum Magazine

Virtual Glass Armonica - Interactive exercise allows you to play the armonica

Biography Resources


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Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren, Penguin Press (1991) $15.16 - Classic biography by a respected author.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, MacMillan Publishing (1997) $4.80 - Written as a letter to his son, this autobiography of Franklin is a great book that gives insight on his thought processes and methods.

Benjamin Franklin Wit and Wisdom, Peter Pauper Press (1998) $3.96 - Famous and not-so-famous sayings by Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin's Adventures with Electricity by Beverly Birch, Barrons Juveniles (1996) $4.76 - Facts and pictures about Franklin's early electrical experiments (Ages 9 to 12).

Benjamin Franklin's Science by I. Bernard Choen, Harvard Univ. Press (1990) $44.00 - Examines the theoretical side of Franklin's scientific work.

Top-rated books on Benjamin Franklin

My book


If you have any other good resources about Franklin, let us know.

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Benjamin Franklin: Resources

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