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Nikola Tesla: Resources

by Ron Kurtus (updated 19 January 2022)

The following books and web sites are resources on Tesla's life. (If you know of other good resources, let me know about them.)


Web sites with interesting biographical information on Tesla include:

Tesla's Life - Short biography and links

Tesla - Master of Lightning - Excellent site from the U.S. Public Broadcasting System (PBS)

Tesla Memorial Society of New York - Good background of Tesla, including information on his inventions

Vedic Philosophy and Tesla's Understanding of Free Energy

Also, Tesla's career was intertwined with that of Edison and Westinghouse:

Thomas Edison's Life

George Westinghouse's Life


(Notice: The School for Champions may earn commissions from book purchases)

The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla by Nikola Tesla and David H. Childress; Adventures Unlimited Press (1993) $13.56 - Information on Tesla's patents and especially on his high energy electricity experiments, as well as some of his far-out theories

In Search of Nikola Tesla by F. David Peat; Ashgrove Press (1998) $9.56 - Scientific information on Tesla's wireless power transmission theories plus speculation on his thought processes

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla by Ben Johnston (Editor); Hart Brothers Publishing (1982) $7.95 - The primary source for all Tesla biographers, tracing his career through a maze of sensationalism and controversy

Wizard : The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla : Biography of a Genius by Marc J. Seifer; Citadel Press (1998) $15.96 - An excellent non-technical book detailing the life, inventions, personality and tribulations of this great scientist

Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine by Pond, Daumgartner and Baumgartner; Message Company (1995) $16.95 - Details and plans for building a working model of the Tesla Oscillator, intended to create artificial earthquakes; A somewhat technical book

Nikola Tesla: A Spark of Genius by C. Dommersmuth; Lerner Pub. (1994) $25.26 - The life and career of an eccentric but brilliant inventor and pioneer in the field of electricity; For grades 5-9

Top-rated books on Nikola Tesla

My book


If you have any other good resources on Tesla, let us know.

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Nikola Tesla: Resources

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