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Advancing in Your Career

by Ron Kurtus (updated 16 March 2023)

Your career consists of the sequence of jobs or occupations that you have, as well as the levels you achieve in those positions.

Advancing in your career consists of several steps. First, you must get a good job. Then you want to make a good impression, such that you get a positive evaluation and raise in pay. Finally, you need a strategy for getting promotions and moving up the ladder as high as you can go.

You may be required to obtain a different, better job, or you may want to change fields to get one that is more satisfying to you.

The purpose of these lessons is to help you get a start at improving your skills in getting a good job and advancing in your career.

Career Contents


Basics of Career Advancement

Importance of Personal Character in Your Career

Steps to get a job

Organize your efforts to get a job

Factors in Selecting Job or Career

Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Looking for Work by Jack Molisani

Find places to apply for a job

Finding Out About Jobs

Finding a Job Online

Where Companies Look for New Workers

Get Job Contacts with Elevator Speech

Getting a Job in a Different City

Get a job interview

Résumé Cover Letter Guidelines

Impressions Important in Job Interview <<<<

Demonstrating your wares

Providing References When Applying for a Job

Overcome Fear in a Job Interview


Competing for a Job

Moving up the ladder

Using the 5 Powers to Advance Your Career

Enhance Your Career by Being a Brand

Overcome the Fear of Speaking in a Meeting

Dealing with Your Boss

On Getting Fired or Laid Off


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