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Dealing with Your Boss

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2021)

There are certain things to remember concerning dealing with your boss. First of all, you should never complain or say negative things about your boss. Also, don't seem better than your boss, as well as don't argue with your boss.

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Complaining about boss

It is not uncommon for workers to sit around at lunch and complain about their boss. Although, you may have valid reasons to make negative comments about the boss, it is best to keep you opinions to yourself.

Even if you are talking to your best friends, you never know when the word will get back to the boss that you have gripes about him or her. This can result in hard feelings and reduce the chances for advancement.

Seeming better than the boss

Although you want to make the impression that you are talented and skilled, you never want to seem better that your boss. Some supervisors can be insecure and showing him or her up can result in bad feelings toward you.

Playing games with your boss outside of work—such as golf or cards—is risky, especially if you are better than the boss. It is best to avoid such social situations.

Arguing to make a point

If the boss wants you do to something that you feel is incorrect, it is best not to argue about. You might make a questioning statement or state your point but then leave it at that. Winning an argument with the boss will only result in hard feelings.

I saw an example of that at a car dealership in Glendale, California.

The owner of the dealership bought a new desk to be placed in the assistant manager's office.

The manager told the owner, "That desk won't fit in the office. I'll bet you five dollars on that."

The owner said, "Just have it put in the office."

The manager got out a tape measure and measured the desk and the doorway. Then he said to the owner, "See, I told you it won't fit in there. You owe me five bucks!"

He was fired that day.

Afterwards, I told the former assistant manager, "When the boss says to do something, you do it, even if you had to put the desk on its end to get it in the room."


In dealing with your boss, you should never complain or say negative things about him or her. Also, don't seem better than your boss. Don't argue or try to prove the person wrong.

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