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Finding a Job Online

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2021)

Only few years ago, the common way to look for job opening was to search the newspaper want ads. Another method was to go through employment agencies, who would find opening for you.

Although looking through the want ads or using employment agencies may still be worthwhile, theses days a major method for achieving employment is finding a job online.

There are websites that specialize in listing job openings around the country, as well as in your location. Others give advice on getting a job, as well as listing jobs and even posting resumes.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

How it works

You can search for employment through a job-listing web site by job title, job key words, and location. This is easier and quicker than scouring through the classifieds. It is also much easier to find listings if you are looking to relocate.

Once you find a job of interest, you can often directly e-mail your resume to the company. This service is usually free. Companies seeking new employees pay job listing web sites to list the job openings.

You can also post your resume on these sites. Some sites do not charge for this service, while others do.

Sending resumes

Although you can e-mail a resume, I personally think you should mail a hard copy. You might do both.

If you are looking for work in another location, it might be worth a try to post your resume. It may pose the same problem as sending your resume to a number of head-hunters. Your name may get around too much and give the wrong impression of you.

Employment listing sites

There are a number of employment search Internet sites that you can use to search for jobs in the area of your choice.

Job-listing sites

The major employment sites are:

Advice and listing sites

Other job listing sites worth checking are:

Many companies no longer list jobs on their own sites but contract with some of these sites to do the listing. Also, many employment agencies, search firms and consulting companies often use these sites to list jobs for which they have clients.

Is it worthwhile?

Most jobs are not gotten through the classifieds. Instead, they are obtained through personal contacts. But for the job-seeker, looking through the want-ads in your local newspaper is still something you need to do. Using these online listings simply ads to your sources of finding places that need your skills.


Job listing web sites are an interesting source for finding companies that are looking for your skills. They should not be your only means of finding a job, but they can be especially useful if you are looking to relocate.

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