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Getting a Job in a Different City

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2021)

Sometimes you may have an opportunity to get a better job in a different city. Even if you are offered a higher wage, it is still good to see if you are ahead of the game in making the move.

There are tools available to see what salary you would need, as well as to compare the livability for the two cities.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

My experience

Years ago, while I was working for a company in St. Louis, Missouri, I got a job offer from a company in Los Angeles. The wages were slightly higher than those in St. Louis, and it seemed like a good change of locations.

After I started working there, some of the other guys asked my what I was making. When I told them, they thought I was kidding. They said, "That is less than they pay for an inexperienced newcomer." I didn't realize that the cost of living—and thus the wages—were much higher in Los Angeles than in St. Louis.

Needless to say, I was very unhappy and soon left the job for something better in the area.

Comparing salaries

A good tool to compare the salary required in you future city with what you are receiving in your present city is Salary Calculator (from

Select your current income level, enter the name of your present city and the name of the city of interest. Click Calculate, and you will get the required income in the new city to be at your present standard of living, including the following comparisons:

Livability comparison

Besides finding out how much you should be making in the new city, you may also want to check the livability of the new city, as compared to your present location.

Check the Livability Comparison (from to see how the following factors stack up:


I learned the hard way that it is good to compare cities on wages and livability. Tools provided by

Find a good place and good wages

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