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by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 August 2023)

The following consists of websites and books on getting a job and advancing in your career.

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Use these resources to help your understanding about careers.

Job listing websites

eApplicants - Job applications for major U.S. companies - Portal for technical job listings - Top portal for job listings

CareerJet - Employment search engine - Job search engine - Find jobs and post resumes

Live Career - Tools for getting a job

Job Application Center - Shows how to apply directly to companies

Job Applications Online - Print out job applications for major businesses

GlassDoor - Jobs, salaries, advice

Applications.Careers - One-stop job database

Adzuna - Worldwide job search listings

Online jobs

Online Jobs for College Students - 35 online jobs


Resumes Made Easy From

Best Resume Formats - From

Tailor Your Resume for a Job - From

Best Key Words in a Resume - From

Best Skills to Put on a Resume - From

Things That Should Never Appear on Your Resume - Purdue University

Resume Help - Resources from

20 Worst Resume Mistakes - From

Resume Statistics and Analysis - From

Ideal Length of a Resume - From

Resume Coach website


Guide to Wrting a Resume - Comprehensive guide from

How to Tailor Your Resume to a Job Description - Blog from

How to Email Your Resume to Get More Job Offers - From

Chronological Resume Writing Guide - From

Resume Writing Guides - Examples and tutorials from

Guide to Writing a Resume Outline -

How to Make a Resume: Secrets Your Employer Won’t Tell You - Jack Milgram

How to Write a Resume in 8 Simple Steps - From

How to Make a Resume for a Job - From

Create the best resume in minutes - From

How to Write a Resume - From

How-to Guide in 9 Steps - From

Writing Guide of How To Make a Resume - From

Write a Resume Work Experience Section - From

How to Create an A+ Teaching Resume -

Guide to Nailing Any Teacher Interview

Resume examples

Resume Examples in Various Areas - From

400+ Resume Examples - From

Resume examples specific to your profession -

Resume Summary Examples - From

Professional Resume Examples - From

Resume Skills Examples for All Jobs - From

Resume templates

Resume Templates - Samples in MS Word from

Resume Builder from

Various Resume Templates - from

Free CV Templates - From

Best Resume Templates - From

Free Resume Templates - From

Resume Templates- From

Video resumes

Video Resume Maker - From Veed.IO

Cover Letters

Proper Cover Letter Format - From

Cover Letter Format - From

What to Include in a Cover Letter - With examples from

Write the Perfect Cover Letter - From

Guide of How to Write a Cover Letter - from

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job - From

Guide to Writing an Effective Cover Letter - From

Incorporate Volunteer Work Into Your Cover Letter - From

Employment Information

Career Education Advisor - Resources on different educational options.

How to Find a Job after College - From

Salary Calculator - From

Guide to Getting a Job After School - From

Top Traits and Qualities Employers Look for - From

Startup vs. corporate: What’s best for your career?

Best States to Start Your Career After College - From

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Employee versus Independent Contractor? - From

Self-employment: What to Know to be Your Own Boss

Specific job areas

Career Guides - How to get a job in various fields from

Entry Level Finance Jobs

Top Skills Employers Look For

Business Programs - From

General contracting

Contractor Licensing Requirements - United States

General Contractor License Guide - State-by-state information

Certified Public Accounant

Becoming a CPA - From

Best Accounting Certifications - From

Enrolled Agent vs CPA - From


How to become a paramedic

Nursing School Scholarships - From

Underrepresented Student Nursing School Scholarships

Miscellaneous careers

Explore your career as a Marketing Director - Arizona State Univ. Online

How to Become a Certified Event Planner - From

How to Find a Job in Theology - Online Seminary Schools

How to Advance Your Career in Product Design Engineering

Careers in Occupational Therapy - Univ. of St. Augustine

The Pros and Cons of Being a Real Estate Agent

Education programs

Why Get an MBA? - From

Social Work Degree Guide

Psychology Degree Programs

Public Administration Degrees

17 Key Customer Service Skills with Resume Examples

Tech MBA - Listing of technical MBA programs

Online classes

Online MBA Guide and Resources - From Discover Business

Online MBA Education - From Ohio University

Accounting Degrees Online Guide

Guide to Online Real Estate classes

Courses on "How to become..." - From

Online Master of Social Work (MSW) Programs – CSWE-Accredited

Aptitude and Reasoning Tests


Guide to Psychometric Tests - For job interviewing process

Guide to Aptitude Tests

Practice Aptitude Tests


Verbal Ability Tests

Numerical Ability Tests


Numerical Reasoning Tests

Deductive Reasoning Tests

Analytical Reasoning Tests


Logical Reasoning Test

Critical Reasoning Test


Psychometric & Aptitude Tests Online


Situational Judgement Tests

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

Abstract Reasoning Tests


Aptitude Test Practice - Resources Index

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Career advice

Goal Setting 101 - From

Guide to Writing a Career Development Plan - From Univ. of York - UK

Career Exploration Tools and Resources - From

Getting Your Dream Job - Infographic for job-seekers

Tools for Transition - Career counseling for a fee; site has some useful samples

Employers and Health Information in the Workplace

Emotional IQ and You - Career advice on using your emotional IQ; Univ. of Maryland

Choosing Employment Program for Adults with Autism

Graduate’s Guide to Getting Hired During Covid-19

Myers-Briggs and Student Personality Types -

Turn Your Hobby into a Career - From

How to Switch Careers at Any Age - From

Careers of the Future: What Jobs Will Be In Demand


How to Network Online - From

Job Networking - From

Remote jobs

Stress from Working at Home - A balancing act - From

Employer’s guide to remote-first recruitment and hiring

Job Hunting in the Age of Remote Work - From

Upskilling and reskilling teams for hybrid and remote collaboration

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Interview Skills

Ultimate Guide to Passing Any Interview - From

Commonly Asked Interview Questions - From

100 potential interview questions -

How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions - From

Smart Answers to Common Job Interview Questions - From

Best Interview Practices for Job Seekers - From - Germany

Interview Advice - From

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Getting a job

The 50 Most Asked Questions From the Newly Unemployed by Cleon Cox

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2016: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers - Classic book series on getting a job

Top-rated books on Getting a Job

Top-rated books on Job Interviews

Advancing in your career

Top-rated books on Career Success

Top-rated books on Career Advancement

Top-rated books on Dealing with Boss


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