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Results of Career Survey Questions

by Ron Kurtus (updated 2 February 2022)

Note: For a while I had survey questions on the various topics. Answers were tabulated and placed in a database. That feature has been temporarily put on hold. However, you can still see the results of the survey.

Do you need to "dress for success" to advance in your career? Yes: 267 (77%) No: 79 (22%) Total: 346
Is your resume more than 2 pages long? Yes: 153 (48%) No: 162 (51%) Total: 315
Is a mass mailing of your resume an effective way to get a job? Yes: 65 (32%) No: 132 (67%) Total: 197
Would you play golf with your boss, if it would help your career? Yes: 154 (73%) No: 56 (26%) Total: 210
Do you make as much money as you're worth? Yes: 105 (25%) No: 303 (74%) Total: 408
Does it pay to be conscientious at work? Yes: 296 (81%) No: 68 (18%) Total: 364
Are you valuable to your boss? Yes: 122 (77%) No: 36 (22%) Total: 158
Is knowing an important person valuable to your career? Yes: 114 (73%) No: 41 (26%) Total: 155
Do you research a company before you apply for a job? Yes: 538 (71%) No: 215 (28%) Total: 753
Have you ever been fired? Yes: 74 (42%) No: 100 (57%) Total: 174
Are you forced to work overtime? Yes: 42 (38%) No: 67 (61%) Total: 109
Are most job performance evaluations fair? Yes: 39 (45%) No: 46 (54%) Total: 85
Is there too much pressure on your job? Yes: 52 (52%) No: 48 (48%) Total: 100
Is hard work more important than personality to advance? Yes: 65 (46%) No: 76 (53%) Total: 141
Do job interviews get you nervous? Yes: 145 (66%) No: 72 (33%) Total: 217

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