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Using 5 Powers to Advance Your Career

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2021)

The 5 Powers of a Champion™ are basic elements required for top performance and effective interaction with others. Applying them in your life will help you advance in your career. You should have more job satisfaction and get more promotions and raises as a result.

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5 Powers

The 5 Powers of a Champion that can be applied to your career are:

  1. Health
  2. Knowledge
  3. Excellence
  4. Value
  5. Character

Applying these powers will help you advance in your career.


Application of the 5 Powers is as follows:

1. Take care of your health

The very first item in advancing in your career is to take care of your physical, mental and emotional health. In fact, you should go beyond simply maintaining your health and get in good condition to increase your physical and mental energy.

Physical health concerns eating the right food, exercising and avoiding disease, injury or toxins. This is simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that you are not plagued by illness or injury.

Going beyond maintaining your health and getting in good physical condition allows your body and mind to work more effectively. You certainly can advance more in your career if your mind is sharp, as opposed to dulled by toxins and poor physical conditioning.

Mental and emotional health concerns avoiding toxic input to your mind from your own thoughts and from criticism by others. Instead, always think of yourself in positive terms. That is healthy mental and emotional food. Seek people who are positive and optimistic. They will get you in better mental shape.

2. Seek knowledge

You should continually try to improve your knowledge and works skills. Improving your ability to do your job, as well as being able to perform other tasks will open the doors to advancement.

But you also need to study the company to see where the industry is going and how the company is internally organized. Knowing where openings are is useful in moving up the ladder.

It is important to know about your fellow workers and supervisors. You need to know who are the important people in the company. It is good to try to meet these people.

3. Do excellent work

The first part of doing excellent work is clearly understanding the requirements. It does you no good to work hard on a project if you are not doing exactly what the boss or customer wants.

Your whole goal should be to satisfy your boss and the customer with the quality work that is wanted. This should be your mind set at work.

Also, doing good work will give you satisfaction that will make your job more pleasant. Take pride in what you do.

4. Be valuable to your boss

You have been hired under the assumption that you will provide value to the company in terms of making a profit. Also, it is assumes that your work will be valuable to your boss in achieving his or her goals.

Many people don't realize that the boss also wants personal value. A positive relationship with your supervisor means you have an extra value beside simply the work that you do. Speaking well of your boss to others and carefully listening to what your boss says helps increase your value.

Helping other workers is another way to increase your value at work.

5. Have good character

One aspect of character is to show honesty and integrity in what you do. Being reliable is important in gaining respect and advancement.

Being determined to achieve your goals and finish assignments is an admirable trait.


The benefits of using these 5 Powers of a Champion is that you will work more effectively and have more energy, you will have confidence and be sure of being able to complete assignments, you will do quality work, you will show yourself to be a valuable person who should move up the ladder, and you will have the character needed to become a leader in your company.


The 5 Powers of a Champion consist of health, knowledge, excellence, value and character. These basic elements help you achieve top performance and effective interaction with others. Applying them in your career will help you advance.

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