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Character of Others Important to You

by Ron Kurtus (updated 21 November 2022)

The character of other people is important to you, because what they do can affect you and your family. If you are going to be dealing with another person or get into a relationship with that person, you would like to know what type of person he or she is.

If you were going to become involved in a business exchange, you would want to know the character or the other person or company. The same is true for electing government officials.

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Importance in relationships

Before you deal or interact with another person, you would like to know what type of person he or she is, especially before getting more involved. This is especially of concern in romantic relationships.

The first area usually concerns social character issues. You want to know if the other person is honest and reliable. You probably don't like someone who is sarcastic and rude. You like someone who is sharing and hospitable.

Another area of concern are the values and rules the person follows. Some people prefer to deal with those who are of the same religion or political persuasion as they are. Few care to associate with people who delight in something like pornography.

Personal character traits are most important if the relationship is to become close, like in a romantic sense. A woman may think twice about getting involved with a man who was lazy and didn't want to get a job.

In any personal relationship or interaction, people tend to gravitate toward others who have a similar character. Also, some positive traits may overshadow various negative traits in a person.

Importance in business dealings

Business dealings consist of buying, selling and hiring workers. It concerns situations where money is exchanged. It can be on a personal or company level.

If you or your company was planning on making a purchase, you would want to make sure that the others had positive social character traits of being honest and reliable. You would seldom care about their religious or cultural beliefs or their internal personal character.

Likewise, when you are selling, your main concern is that the person or company is honest and able to pay for what they bought.

If you were going to hire somebody to work for your company, you would want to make sure the person was a hard worker and honest, as well as someone who was respected in the community. You wouldn't want a lazy worker or someone who was unreliable. In other words, you would want to hire a person with good personal and social character.

Importance in politics

Most people have concerns about the character of elected officials, as well as top business executives, because their indiscretions can affect the finances of society.

Before you vote for a candidate for political office, you usually want to know his or her character. Is the candidate hard-working? Is he or she honest? Does the person have the same cultural values as you have?

Elected officials that are dishonest and lack ethics concern many people, because they can see where legislation is made that benefits cronies at the expense of taxpayers.

But also, top business executives have been in the news for making money on illegal stock exchanges, getting huge benefit at the expense of stockholder, and other lapses in ethics and honesty.


Most people are concerned about the character of other people. You want to know what type of person and individual is before getting into a relationship with that person. If you were going to become involved in a business exchange, you would want to know the character or the other person or company. The same is true for electing government officials.

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