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Helping Others is Powerful

by Ron Kurtus (31 July 2018)

Helping others is a positive social character trait. It is powerful in gaining appreciation and in improving relationships.

However, Some people may see an opportunity to help someone else but not bother. There are others who will purposely cause harm to a person in need.

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Power of helping others

When you help someone in need—or even offer to help—the other person usually appreciates it. They may think of you as someone with good character.

Jane would often help her elderly neighbors pick up some items from the grocery store. They appreciated the help and thought of her as a good person.

Another benefit of helping others is that it gives you personal satisfaction and makes you feel better.

Not bothering to help

Some people may see a person in need of help but not bother to lend a hand. That doesn't say much of their character.

I had purchased a bookcase and had it in my car's trunk. Unfortunately, its size made it very awkward in getting it out the the trunk. While I was struggling with the bookcase, my neighbor was walking by.

He stopped and watched me struggle. Then he said, "Looks like you're having a tough time with that." Then he proceeded to continue walking away.

I thought to myself, "What a jerk!"

A person who does not bother to help someone in need can be thought of as selfish or inconsiderate. Not bothering certainly is a negative character trait.

Actually causing harm

Instead of helping out a person in need, some people have such poor social character that they will actually cause harm to the person in need or steal from the person. They see it as an opportunity to get something for nothing. Such an action seems powerful in that they get instant gratification.

While driving home from work, I saw there had been an accident at a nearby stop light. One of the guys from work had been riding his bicycle home when a car made a right hand turn into him at the intersection.

While they were putting him in the ambulance, we saw a woman take his bike and start wheeling it away. Someone asked her what she was doing, and she said, "I'm taking Charley's bike home for him." The the guy said that he is not Charlie."

In other words, she was trying to steal the bike. When found out, she put the bike down and quickly walked away.

It certainly is disgusting to see a person take advantage of someone in need and actually steal something. This is a combination of causing harm and of being dishonest.


Helping others is a powerful, positive social character trait. It can result in gaining appreciation, improving relationships, and in feeling satisfaction.

Some people may have poor character such that they see an opportunity to help someone else but not bother. There are others who will purposely cause harm or steal from a person in need.

It feels good to help someone in need

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