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Introduction to Character Lessons

by Ron Kurtus (updated 21 November 2022)

Your character and the character of other people are not only important in your life but are also important in your business dealings. Character determines whether your life and your business will be successful.

Character consists of learned behavior traits, based on rules for the "right way" to act and to do things. It is taught, as well as learned through observation. By following the rules of character, you will be more apt to achieve your goals, lead a better life, and have a successful business or career.

By establishing your own good character, you can then lead others to have good character by your example.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Character is important

Having good character is important.

In life

In your life, you will be more successful, have better relations with others, and be accepted in your community, if you have good character. Your character is powerful. It affects your ability to succeed and gain rewards. It is also powerful for your reputation and in influencing others to change.

In relationships

The character of other people in your life is important to you. You want to be able to trust others and count on them. You want good relations and not dysfunctional.

Your relationship with other people is affected by your character and the character traits of the other people. If one finds the other is not honest, is abusive, or has some other negative character traits, the relationship can easily dissolve.

In business

In business, your character is important in the success of the enterprise, as well as that of your employees. Customers will be more loyal to a business that shows integrity and provides conscientious service. Costs will be less when workers are hard-working and honest.

What is character?

Character is learned behavior. You are taught the rules of good behavior, both directly and through observations.

Rules consist of messages of the "right way" to behave or of actions that will ultimately benefit you. Examples of character rules are:

"Being careful is a way to avoid mistakes."

"If you keep your promises, others appreciate it and will trust you more."

"To avoid getting hit by a car, look both ways before crossing the street."

You learn rules about taking care of yourself and how you do work. You learn rules about how to deal with other people, their property, and the truth. You learn the rules and laws of your organizations.

Leading others

You need to take stock and evaluate your own character. You are responsible for it. Then you can provide the lead for others by setting a good example.


In your business, you want to hire people with good character. You should have guidelines and rules for character in the business. But you also need to set a good example to inspire others to follow.


Showing you have good character rubs off on your family. However, be aware that your children are also greatly influenced by their peers and even what they see on television.

Still, it is your character that provides the guiding principles for them to follow.


Character is important in business and in life. It determines whether your business and your life will be successful. Your character is learned behavior based on rules for the "right way" to do things. It is taught, as well as learned through observation.

By establishing your own good character, you can then lead others to have good character by your example.

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Character is your destiny

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