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Results of Character Survey Questions

by Ron Kurtus (updated 4 February 2022)

Note: For a while, I had survey questions on the various topics. Answers were tabulated and placed in a database. That feature has been temporarily put on hold. However, you can still see the results of the survey.

Are you a courageous person? Yes: 764 (74%) No: 262 (25%) Total: 1026
Did you ever steal something? Yes: 673 (71%) No: 274 (28%) Total: 947
Should honesty be taught in school? Yes: 735 (84%) No: 134 (15%) Total: 869
Did you ever do a good deed? Yes: 567 (93%) No: 40 (6%) Total: 607
Would you die for your beliefs? Yes: 456 (62%) No: 272 (37%) Total: 728
Is it OK to make fun of another person? Yes: 189 (26%) No: 515 (73%) Total: 704
Do people consider you an honest person? Yes: 472 (64%) No: 264 (35%) Total: 736
Do you like to associate with a dishonest person? Yes: 54 (11%) No: 433 (88%) Total: 487
Should people take responsibility for their actions? Yes: 467 (95%) No: 21 (4%) Total: 488
Are you very reliable? Yes: 368 (79%) No: 97 (20%) Total: 465
Could you overcome fear? Yes: 469 (67%) No: 231 (33%) Total: 700
Is it possible to always tell the truth? Yes: 1297 (42%) No: 1732 (57%) Total:

Be honest

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