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Feedback Q&A on Chemistry

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 553 comments and questions on Chemistry issues. They are listed according to date.

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Uses of Nitrogen Why is nitrogen used in tires? USA
Polar Molecules Microwaves and polar molecules India
Polar Molecules Define Electronegativity matter Ethiopia
Uses of Nitrogen About Nitrogen Philippines
Polar Molecules Examples of liquid non-polar compounds India
Polar Molecules Why is oxygen classified as non-polar? Namibia
Chemical Equations Use of arrow sign in chemical reaction India
Uses of Nitrogen Can I used compressed nitrogen to paint a boat? USA
Oxygen Solids used to obtain oxygen gas Kenya
Polar Molecules How is CO2 non-polar? Namibia

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Why is nitrogen used in tires?

Topic: Uses of Nitrogen


May 28, 2017

Why is it used in tires?

Allen - USA



Air is made up of 78% nitrogen, so it is already in inflated tires. Pure nitrogen has the advantage of keeping a more stable pressure in the tires over a long run. Race cars use pure nitrogen to avoid pressure changes when the tires heat up during a race.

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Microwaves and polar molecules

Topic: Polar Molecules


March 31, 2017

Why polar molecule are microwave active

saurabh - India



Microwave ovens work by causing polar molecules to spin rapidly and thus heat up the material. The wavelength of the microwave is such that its frequency or change in direction works well in causing the polar molecules to rotate. Non-polar molecules are not really affected by the microwave radiation.

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Define Electronegativity matter

Topic: Polar Molecules


December 6, 2016

Define Electron Negativity matter on polarity and non polarity

Fanuel - Ethiopia



Electronegativity is a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons. Using the Electronegativities we can predict whether a given bond will be non-polar, polar covalent, or ionic. The greater the difference in electronegativity the more polar the bond.

See Bond Polarity and Polar vs Non-Polar Molecules for more information.

I hope that helps

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About Nitrogen

Topic: Uses of Nitrogen


August 11, 2016

Nitrogen physical properties,origin,characteristics and uses?

Noel - Philippines



Read Nitrogen and Uses for Nitrogen.

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Examples of liquid non-polar compounds

Topic: Polar Molecules


July 10, 2016

Example of liquid non polar compounds.

Raman - India



Oils, including vegetable oil and related products like gasoline, are the most common examples of non-polar liquids.

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Why is oxygen classified as non-polar?

Topic: Polar Molecules


June 25, 2016

why oxgyen is classfied as non polar and carbon dioxide polar ?

Johannes - Namibia



Whether a molecule is polar or non-polar depends on its geometry. Oxygen exists as a molecule of two oxygen atoms. The combination balances the distribution of their electrons.

Carbon dioxide is also a non-polar gas for the same reason.

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Use of arrow sign in chemical reaction

Topic: Chemical Equations


May 16, 2016

Some of the chemical reactions are represented by arrow sign and some are by equal sign. What is the difference between this two types?

Kind Regards,

Mohammad - India



If the chemical reaction mainly goes in one direction, it is represented by an arrow to indication the direction. For example C + O2 --> CO2.

Some reactions can readily go in both directions and are represented by a double arrow ( <---> ) or an equals sign.

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Can I used compressed nitrogen to paint a boat?

Topic: Uses of Nitrogen


April 29, 2016

Hey there, I am Nelson from Nautiques Boat Care. My question is can I use it nitrogen as a substitute to regular air pressure when I spray the paint or gel coat to avoid moisture?

Jose - USA



Since air is made up of 80% nitrogen, using compressed nitrogen to spray the paint. Besides nitrogen and oxygen, air also includes water vapor.

However, compressed nitrogen probably would be more expensive than compressed.

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Solids used to obtain oxygen gas

Topic: Oxygen


April 27, 2016

Name two solids that can be heated to obtain oxygen gas.

Engneer - Kenya



Mercuric oxide (HgO), potassium chlorate (KClO3), and sodium peroxide (Na2O2)

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How is CO2 non-polar?

Topic: Polar Molecules


April 13, 2016

Why do we say Carbondioxide gas is a non-polar in terms of charges on it. It seems like oxygen has more electrons than carbon in gas. I am confused help me please.

Mweneni - Namibia



The atoms in carbon dioxide (CO2) are arranged in a line, with the oxygen atoms on the outside. This makes the distribution of charges symmetrical, making the gas molecules non-polar.

See the illustration of CO2 in Polar and Non-Polar Molecules. I hope that helps you understand the concept.

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