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Mini-Quiz: Nitrogen

by Ron Kurtus (30 November 2007)

Take this Mini-Quiz to check your understanding of the lesson material.

1. How is the amount of nitric oxide (NO) created from automobile engines reduced?

NO is heavier than air and thus is made to stay near the ground

Catalytic converters in cars convert N2 and O2 into NO and then burn the gas

Catalytic converters in cars revert 2NO back into N2 and O2 through a catalytic reaction

2. Why is nitrogen important to us?

It is the part of air that we need to breathe in to stay alive

It is needed to fertilize the soil to grow crops

It is a major material for propelling space vehicles

3. What is the most common method of preparing nitrogen?

Removing the oxygen from the air

Breaking down nitrogen compounds

Removing the CO2 from the air

If you got all three correct, you are on your way to becoming a Champion in Chemistry. If you had problems, you had better look over the material again.

Nitrogen is an important element

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