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Understanding Competition

by Ron Kurtus (updated 16 March 2023)

A competition is a contest between individuals, teams, companies, and even countries to determine who is better and who will reap the rewards of victory. Strategies and tactics are used to win the competition.

Although some people disdain competition, it is used in everyone's life from getting a job to being able to buy a ticket for a popular concert. There is also the fun of competing in sports to see who can win. Businesses are concerned about beating the competition for market share. Finally there is war, which is the competition of countries over land and the spoils of war.

The purpose of these lessons is to help you understand competition and learn the factors, tactics, and strategies that can be used, such that you can become a champion in competitive endeavors.

Competition Contents


Motivations to Win a Competition

Types of competition

Major Types of Competition

Performance Competitions

Head-to-Head Competitions

Predatory Competitions

Personal competitions

Individual Competition

Competing for a Job

Competition in Political Campaigns

Competing for Social Status

Bullying Competition

Sports and games

Using Art of War in Athletic Competitions

Factors in Winning Basketball Games

Gamesmanship in the Riggs vs King Tennis Match in 1973

Strategy Used by Muhammad Ali to Beat George Foreman in 1974

Basics of Gambling as a Competition

Dealing with Hustlers in a Competition

Business competitions

Business Competition

Types of Business Competition

Using Advertising for a Competitive Advantage in Business

Using Location for a Competitive Advantage in Business

Using TQM for a Competitive Advantage in Business

Conflict and war

Fighting as a Form of Competition

War as Competition

"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu

Animal and plant competitions

Animals Compete for Food

Competition Among Plants

Winning strategies

Criteria for Winning Various Competitions

Preparing to Win a Competition

Role of Confidence in a Competition

Momentum in a Head-to-Head Competition

Disarming Your Opponent in a Competition

Winning a Negotiation

Underhanded strategies

Cheating in a Competition

Dirty Playing in Competition

Influencing the Judges to Win a Competition

Examples of Unfair Tactics in Chess

Defending Against a Dirty Player

Poor Winner in a Competition


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