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Individual Competitions

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 May 2023)

Probably the most common type of competition is when individuals compete against each other. Types of individual competitions may be classified as performance, head-to-head, or predatory competitions.

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Performance competitions

In a performance competition, you try to do your best in order to win over your competitors. You do nothing to hinder the performance of the other person. Examples include:

Head-to-head competitions

In a head-to-head individual competition, you not only try to do your best but you also work to prevent your opponent from succeeding. Examples include:

Predatory competitions

An individual in a predatory competition can attack an unsuspecting person as a way to win a reward. A good example is when a bully attacks a weaker person.

If the opponent is able to fight back, it may become a head-to-head contest.


When individuals compete against each other, the competition may be classified as performance, head-to-head, or predatory competitions.

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