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Understanding eCommerce

by Ron Kurtus (updated 16 March 2023)

eCommerce (or e-commerce) consists of buying and selling products and services over the Internet, as opposed to the standard commerce practices. An online business is one where people can come to your website to perform some action that will result in profits or revenue for you.

In order to effectively succeed in e-commerce, you should have knowledge of sound business principles. You also need to be aware of new methods and technologies for promoting and selling products over the Internet. Your knowledge and skills in this area can help advance your career or improve your business.

The purpose of these free online lessons is to give you a start at improving your e-commerce business skills.

e-Commerce Contents


Basics of eCommerce

eCommerce versus Traditional Commerce

Types of eCommerce

eCommerce Revenue Models

Traits of Successful eCommerce Leaders


Online Catalog Sales

Selecting a Web Address for your Online Business

Measuring Your Online Business

Using TQM and ISO 9000 in eCommerce

eCommerce Customer Service

Advertising programs

Advertising Programs

Google AdSense

Commissions through Google AdSense

Sign-up with Google AdSense

Adsense Unit Formats

AdSense Page View Statistics

Affiliate programs

Affiliate Commissions through Amazon Associates

Case studies

Case Study of HowStuffWorks eCommerce Site


eCommerce Resources

Succeed in Business

Succeed with Total Quality Management

Organize Your Business with ISO 9000

Survey results

See results of survey questions

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