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by Ron Kurtus (updated 4 February 2022)

The follow material consists of websites and books on e-commerce.

Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.


How E-commerce Works - From HowStuffWorks

Electronic commerce - From Wikipedia

What is Ecommerce? - From Network Solutions

Basic Guide to E-Commerce - From Free Management Library

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your First Ecommerce Business

How to Find Affiliates for your e-business

Online Business

Guide to eCommerce Photography - Basic steps to take

Business-to-Business eCommerce - Wikipedia

Selling Online Guide -

Shopify Guides - Various eCommerce guides

How to Launch an Online Store -

Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Online -

Building eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce Website Builders - Comparison chart

How to Start Your Own eCommerce Website -

How Much Does an Ecommerce Website Redesign Cost?

On-Page SEO: How to Maximize Search Engine Traffic -

How Augmented Reality Will Shape the Future of E-commerce -

Monetize website or blog

33 Ways to Monetize a Website (or a Blog)

How to Start a Blog in India

Earnings of top Indian Bloggers

Google AdSense

Google AdSense - Make Money Online through Website Monetization

AdSense - Wikipedia

Your guide to AdSense - AdSense Help - Google Support

Selling on Amazon

Steps For Amazon Sellers To Launch Their Own E-Commerce Stores


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Top-rated books about Online Business

Top-rated books about eCommerce



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