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Program to Teach Character to Students

by Ron Kurtus (revised 27 April 2017)

It is good to set up a program in school to chaacter to the students. Teaching character and values is becoming an important part of education. Private and religious schools often have Character as part of their curriculum.

A major problem in teaching character is that often students rebel against being told to "be good" and outside influences negate much of the teaching

One solution is the "Becoming a Champion" program based on the School for Champions concepts.

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Need for character programs

Students are bombarded with messages and examples of negative character through TV, movies, music, sports, and peer groups. This does not mean that there aren't positive message reaching the students from these media, but on the whole it seems that there are more negative than positive examples.

There is definitely a need to teach the value of good character. Unfortunately, the students who take the most interest in such lessons are the "good students" who agree with the values stated. The students who have been taken up by the negative messages are the ones that need to be reached.


A solution is the program Becoming a Champion that is based on principles taught in the School for Champions. This program appeals to the desire of most students to win, achieve or become important in their activities. This is not only true in school or sports but also in other things they do.

An important part of this process is to have good character. The message is not preached as the right thing to do. Rather, it is presented as what is good to do to get the things you really want in life. For example, the student who wears gang outfits is trying to fit in with a group and be important among them. It is an unfortunate choice, but the student still has an opportunity to improve his or her character.

Does it work?

Using Becoming a Champion to encourage positive behavior and good character is a valid solution. Students of the School for Champions site have been proven winners and achievers.


Teaching character and values is an important part of education, but some students rebel against being told to have good character. One solution is the "Becoming a Champion" program based on the School for Champions concepts. The program shows the value of character, while appealing to the desire to win or achieve.

It takes character to become a champion

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