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Mini-Quiz: Improving Student Performance by Eliminating Texting and Cell Phones

by Ron Kurtus (10 October 2009)

Take this Mini-Quiz to check your understanding of the lesson material.

1. What is sexting?

It is the Spanish spelling of texting

It is an abbreviation of "serious text massaging"

It is sending sex-related text messages

2. Why would parents complain about forbidding cell phones in school?

They feel the schools are picking on their child

They aren't getting their money's worth from the cell phone service

They are afraid their child will only use the phone more at home

3. What is good about no cell phones for student even during breaks?

It is really a bad idea, because it is against freedom of expression

Students communicate person-to-person instead of electronically

It allows the teachers to use the student's cell phones themselves

If you got all three correct, you are on your way to becoming a Champion in Educational Development. If you had problems, you had better look over the material again.

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Mini-Quiz: Improving Student Performance by Eliminating Texting and Cell Phones

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