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Results of Education Survey Questions

by Ron Kurtus (updated 4 February 20221)

Note: For a while I had survey questions on the various topics. Answers were tabulated and placed in a database. That feature has been temporarily put on hold. However, you can still see the results of the survey.

Are some students simply unteachable? Yes: 993 (66%) No: 499 (33%) Total: 1492
Do teachers get too many vacation days? Yes: 72 (31%) No: 158 (68%) Total: 230
Is home schooling acceptable for learning? Yes: 165 (71%) No: 66 (28%) Total: 231
Is teaching a satisfying profession? Yes: 112 (78%) No: 31 (21%) Total: 143
Should teachers turn in incompetent fellow teachers? Yes: 95 (72%) No: 36 (27%) Total: 131
Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? Yes: 221 (85%) No: 36 (14%) Total: 257
Is it the student's fault if he or she fails? Yes: 134 (57%) No: 100 (42%) Total: 234
Does competition among students improve grades? Yes: 129 (76%) No: 40 (23%) Total: 169
Should grades be eliminated in schools? Yes: 108 (43%) No: 138 (56%) Total: 246
Is tenure a good idea in the education system? Yes: 35 (41%) No: 49 (58%) Total: 84
Are teachers paid enough? Yes: 33 (24%) No: 103 (75%) Total: 136
Do you work more than 40 hours a week? Yes: 237 (53%) No: 207 (46%) Total: 444
Are the parents of your students involved enough? Yes: 21 (32%) No: 43 (67%) Total: 64
Do universities emphasize research over education? Yes: 120 (61%) No: 76 (38%) Total: 196
Do any of your past students come back to visit? Yes: 51 (77%) No: 15 (22%) Total: 66
Should very slow students be mixed with normal students? Yes: 320 (48%) No: 340 (51%) Total: 660
Should schools allow students to pray? Yes: 115 (80%) No: 28 (19%) Total: 143

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