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The C-Formula for Champions

by Ron Kurtus (revised 29 September 2001)

Overcoming tough obstacles and achieving a difficult goal can make you feel great--like a champion. One of the strategies to organize your efforts and overcome obstacles in reaching success consists of several distinct steps, which include defining the goal, concentrating, and completing the objective. Since so many of the steps start in the letter "C", we've called this the C-Formula.

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The C-Formula

There are some distinct steps a person can take in order to achieve a difficult goal and become a champion. Some of these steps are actions and some are attitudes to maintain.

The C-Formula to become a Champion consists of:

  1. Define a CHALLENGE,
  2. Make a COMMITMENT,
  3. CONTROL the situation,
    1. COMPLETE a part,
    2. CONGRATULATE yourself,
    3. Gain CONFIDENCE,
  4. CONCENTRATE on completion, and
  5. CELEBRATE achievement to feel like a CHAMPION.

Details of steps

Although the C-Formula is relatively easy to remember, you should know what each step means..

1. Define a Challenge

First of all, you should set a challenging goal that you want to achieve. Just setting a goal isn't good enough. It must be well-defined. Also, if it is challenging, you will be stretched. It must be a goal that you will feel great when you achieve it.

Write down some challenging goals you have that would make you feel great to achieve. Setting a challenge is the first action you must take to become a champion. It gives you the motivation to proceed.

2. Make a Commitment

The next step, which is the first attitude you must have, is to be committed to achieving your goal.

Commitment is required to really achieve anything. A great source of this commitment comes from your motivation. Visualize reaping the rewards of your achievement and the great feeling you will have. This should excite you and move you to be more resolved in going after your goal. You should be getting enthusiastic about it.

3. Control the Situation

Next, you must get control of the situation. This is done by planning and making preparations. You want to study what is required to achieve your goal. You want to get your plan of action together, as well as a schedule or time-table.

Any type of difficult task can be made simpler by breaking it into smaller steps. This is another way to get control of the situation.

a. Complete a Part

In controlling the situation, you have broken the task into small parts. Make sure you complete each part that you have started.

b. Congratulate Yourself

Upon completing a part, congratulate yourself on your achievement, no matter how small. This is a very important part of this process. Little congratulations and acknowledgment of completing a task builds your confidence and enthusiasm.

Tell yourself, "Nice job," "Good work," "That's the way to go," or such.

c. Gain Confidence

Then you want to have the feeling of confidence in your ability to achieve the goal. One way to get confidence is to recall similar achievements you have had. You also get confident by practicing. Another way is to succeed in smaller goals, working your way up to the bigger ones. Then you become sure of your ability.

You know that you're good in what you do. You have self worth. A third way to feel confident is simply to act like a confident person. By simply acting confident, you become confident to a degree.

4. Concentrate on Completion

Throughout your effort, you should concentrate on achieving your goal. Think of what you want to achieve upon completion. Continue on to the next step and repeat the process, as necessary until completion.

5. Celebrate Achievement

After completing each step, you should celebrate, even if just mentally. Say "Hooray! I did it!" Give yourself a little reward. Then congratulate yourself on the good job you did. Pat yourself on the back. "Good job, Ron."

Then you feel like a champion. You are a champion!

Most Important Steps

The most important steps in the C-Formula are Celebrating and Congratulating each minor achievement. By doing this, you re-enforce your feelings of Commitment and Confidence. This feedback loop continues to re-enforce those attitudes with each step, such that you build up a momentum toward achieving your goal.


Remember to follow the C-Formula to become a Champion to yourself. Or if you're in a competition, you can become the Champion to others. Now, celebrate finishing this lesson.

You determine if you are a Champion

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