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Value of Concentration

by Ron Kurtus (revised 29 September 2001)

An important factor in being able to complete any task relates to your ability to concentrate on that task. A problem many people have is that they become easily distracted such that they do not focus at the task at hand. They do not finish what they want to do. They do not succeed in achieving their goal and do not become champions.

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Concentration is a focus on what you are doing, such that you don't get side-tracked or distracted by things that are not important.

Michael Jordan

Basketball star Michael Jordan is a prime example of the power of concentration and focus. Obviously, he has tremendous talent, but it is his focus on winning the game that gives him his true greatness. He is tenacious--like a bulldog--in his pursuit of excellence.

In any activity

Such an attitude and skill can apply--not only in sports--but in any activity you pursue.

One important area of concentration is seen when students study for an important test. Some will not allow themselves to be distracted. They are motivated to study in preparation for the test.

Requires skill and discipline

Concentration is a skill and a discipline. It is not easy to be able to concentrate on doing something when they may be all sorts of distractions and temptations going on around you.

A good television show to watch or some friends that want to have you join them can tempt a weak person to lose his or her concentration on completing what is important.

Many need to concentrate

Who Needs to Concentrate? Just about everyone who wants to succeed.


Students need to concentrate and focus on completing a homework assignment, a project, or review for a test in order to excel in school, learn the subject, and get good grades.


Athletes need to concentrate on performance, execution, and strategy in order to do their best and overcome their opponent.


Entrepreneurs need to concentrate on all the factors involved in starting a new business and promoting their product or service. They need to do this in order to get their idea off the ground and make their enterprise into a profitable entity.

Business leaders

Business leaders need to concentrate on their company mission, vision, and strategies, as well as the work at hand, in order to stay ahead of their competitors.


Workers need to concentrate on their jobs and fulfilling their supervisor's goals, in order to complete projects and advance in their careers.


An important step in achieving difficult tasks, in overcoming obstacles, and in becoming a champion is to concentrate on what you are doing. Don't let distractions take you away from your goal and the rewards you seek.

Concentration means control

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