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Three Areas for Being a Champion

by Ron Kurtus (revised 26 December 2011)

The overall goal of striving for personal excellence is to become a champion in life. There are three major areas that you can become a champion. The most obvious is by winning a competition. However, you can also be considered a champion by achieving a difficult goal and by being a champion to others through a worthy cause.

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Winning a competition

When you win a competition, you are considered "the champion" in that contest. This has more value if it is a larger competition, such that you could be even considered "the world's champion."

It is showing that you are the best in that type of contest—whether it is a sporting competition, business competition, or contest for the best test score at school.

Winning a competition means that you are not only trying to show that you are better than the other person, but in many cases, you are actually trying to prevent the other person from succeeding, according to the rules of the game.


Some examples of trying to win include proving you can run faster than the others in a track meet, beating the other person in a tennis game, getting the top grade in a chemistry test, beating the competition in getting a date with a popular girl, getting a job over the other applicant, and overcoming the competition in establishing your business.

The champion

Winning is a difficult task to achieve. Winning gives you the feeling of being superior. You are the champion, the best--or at least better than your competitors.

Achieving goals or tasks

There are times that you have a difficult or even dangerous task that you want or need to complete. After achieving such a task, you usually feel like a champion.

Examples of activities

Examples of difficult goals may be to graduate from college, to speak before a group of important businessmen, or even to complete painting your house. Dangerous activities may be to skydive or to ski down a hazardous slope.

Achieving your objective

Setting a specific goal with a deadline, planning out your activities, and then being persistent enough to complete the project successfully is the way you can achieve your objective. There is usually some motivation for you to perform this task, whether it is a requirement of your job, to get something you want, or simply as a challenge to see if you can do it.

Feel great from achievement

Upon reaching your objective and completing this difficult task, most people really feel great about their accomplishment. There is the elation and celebration of completion. There is also the feeling of confidence that you could do something similar again. You feel good about yourself. You feel sure. You feel like a champion.

Getting rewards from others

When you perform a task or do some work for someone else, and the person gives you a reward, it can make you feel like a champion. Money is nice, but getting recognition and praise is what will make you feel great.

The thing is that you can make all the money in the world, but it will not make you a champion or let you feel like one--although it can help. The whole idea here is that you want to be acknowledged and feel important. That is what makes you feel like a champion. That is what gives you more confidence and esteem when dealing with others.

The problem is that praise is never guaranteed. You can do the best job in the world and never get praise or recognition. The best thing is to accept praise or recognition or applause from others as something extra. Also, appreciate it when you get it.


You can feel like a champion by completing a difficult task, by being important or valuable to others, or by proving yourself superior to others. The first two achievements can be lasting, while the last--winning or defeating an opponent--can be fleeting.

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