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Types of Science Projects

by Ron Kurtus (updated 21 November 2022)

There are three major types of science projects. You can engineer or construct a scientific device, provide a demonstration of a scientific principle, or perform an experiment to answer a question.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Construct device

You can build or consruct a device, machine, or mechanical structure, usually with the purpose of improving strength or performance.

Sample devices you could construct are:

Such devices could also be used to demonstrate a scientific principle.


Display projects involve a creative assembly of a board and construction of a model to show a visual representation of a larger fact. Making a model of the solar system, a house, or of a simple electric circuit are considered display projects.

Straight demonstration

A straight demonstration is simply showing the effect of some scientific principle. It is demonstrating how you can cause some effect to occur.

For example, you can show how:

Demonstration device

One type of science project is to make a device that will demonstrate some principle.

For example, you could make:

Usually these experiments include using the devices to make some measurements or comparisons.

Perform experiment

An experimental project starts with an observation of some phenomenon, followed by an educated guess or hypothesis of an explanation, and use of scientific method to find a solution. Then a a report detailing the results and conclusions and an abstract are written and submitted.

What would happen?

You can extend demonstrations to improve them or see what would happen if you did something different.

For example:


The three major types of science projects are that you can construct a scientific device, provide a demonstration of a scientific principle, or perform an experiment to answer a question.

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