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Static Electricity Experiment: Control Static Cling

by Ron Kurtus (updated 21 November 2022)

Static cling is when some clothes come from the dryer, they cling together. It also happens when dress slacks or a skirt will cling to your legs when your wear them. A good experiment would be to study this phenomenon and propose a way to control or minimize static cling.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Purpose of experiment

To determine a way to reduce the static cling on certain items

Initial experiments

Do some research about static electricity to determine possible factors in static cling. Some factors include:

Measuring cling

Determine how you will quantify static cling. In other words, how do measure the amount of static cling? Is there some sort of a test you can use to compare the amount of cling from one experiment to another?

Have some rating system for amount of static cling observed


Keeping everything else constant, perform some experiments to determine:

Wet items the same amount for each test. Also keep items in dryer the same amount of time.

Record data

Keep a record of your experiments and data.


Once you have determined the major factors in static cling, you can decide on a way to minimize the amount of cling. Try a given combination under the same conditions as before to see if the cling is much less that before.


By studying static electricity, performing experiments to study static cling, and recording the results, you can determine the best way to minimize static cling. Then you can perform an experiment to verify your results.

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Static Electricity Experiment: Control Static Cling

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