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Simple Plot and Random Story Generator

by Ron Kurtus

The following—slightly humorous—story is randomly generated from a simple plot.

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Introduce protagonist and setting

Once upon a time in an old castle, a muscular girl named Princess was walking along, minding her own business. Princess looked and dressed like Tom Cruise.


Suddenly, she saw Bevis, who was mean and looked a little like Homer Simpson.

Point of tension, conflict or problem

Bevis proceeded to break a athletic girl's shoes. The girl's name was Queen Jane.

Effort to stop antagonist

"Stop, you idiot!" Princess yelled out. But Bevis started to run away.

Seem to fail

Princess chased Bevis through the shopping mall. Bevis could run fast and seemed to be getting away.

Happy outcome

But then in a final great effort, Princess told Bevis to slow down and surprisingly caught the scoundrel!

Queen Jane was so happy, that she kissed Bevis by mistake.

Thus ends a good story.


You can use this plot technique to create your own story or make up your own plot.


Most stories have plots or summaries of what happened. You can use one plot but just change the locations, character and activities to make a different story.

Be creative

Resources and references

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20 Master Plots by Ronals B. Tobias, Writers Digest Books; (2003) $14.99 - Fundamental plots that recur through all fiction and how to apply them to modern stories.

Plots Unlimited: For the Writer of Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Screenplays and Television Episodes by Tom Sawyer and Arthur David Weingarten, Ashleywilde Inc; (1995) $25.00 - A compendium of story ideas that can stimulate a writer's imagination.

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