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Fiction Writing Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 21 February 2017)

The following is a listing of important references and resources for fiction writers.

Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.

(If you have some recommendations, let me know about them.)


The following sites are places that can help you sell your fiction or to find information about writing.

General writing

Writers Write - Information on books, writing and publishing; many useful articles in all areas of writing

Gryphon Books for Writers - New and used books for writers by writers

Writer's Digest - Online version of Writer's digest magazine; contains good tips on writing and selling


Guide to Grammar and Writing - Capital Community College, Hartford, CT

Blue Book for Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar - Purdue University Online Writng Lab

Quick and Dirty Tips - Grammar Girl

Grammarly Handbook

Grammar Guide - From

English Grammar Handbook -

Fiction writing

Fiction Writing - - numerous articles

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - Organization for science fiction writers; good place to see what other writers are doing

Mystery Writers of America - Organization for mystery writers

Fiction Factor - Online magazine for fiction writers, including articles and writing tips

Creative Writing for Teens - Information and articles for teenaged writers; unfortunately, site has many ads and pop-ups

Study Guide Summary of Fiction Books -

Writers conferences

Shaw's Writers Conferences - Extensive list

Directory of Conferences - From Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Writing Conferences & Festivals - From


WizardsforWord - Software for formatting and helping in writing process using MS Word

Reedsy Book Editor - Book writing tool


Studying techniques in fiction writing is invaluable.

General writing

Top-rated books on Writing Methods

Top-rated books on Good Grammar

Top-rated books on Style Guides

Fiction writing

Top-rated books on Writing Fiction

Top-rated books on Writing Horror Novels

Top-rated books on Creative Writing

Getting published

Top-rated books on Getting Published


Red Hot Internet Publicity - Marketing your book in the Internet

2014 Guide to Literary Agents

The Writer's Digest Guide To Query Letters

2014 Writer's Market

2014 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market

102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1,500 Words or Less: The Ultimate Freelancer's Guide

Create Your Writer Platform: The Key to Building an Audience, Selling More Books, and Finding Success as an Author

How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time


Use these resources to help you in your fiction writing career.

Tell a story they will enjoy

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