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Understanding Flash Development

by Ron Kurtus (updated 16 March 2023)

Adobe Flash is a web development tool for creating animations and special effects. Over 95% of web users have the Flash plug-in installed and are able to view the animations. The Flash movie file size can also be small enough for quick viewing. Flash can provide an added professional touch to Web pages seeking to get across a message, can aid in navigation and can provide entertainment or novelty to a site.

Note: Unfortunately, as of early 2016 Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox browsers will no longer support Flash applications. Also, will not support Flash ads, and Apple does not support it.

The purpose of these free online lessons is to provide you with the basic concepts and give you a start at improving your Flash development skills.

Flash Contents


Basic Features of Flash

Basic Flash Concepts

Planning Your Flash Animations


Creating Simple Flash Animations

Creating Interactive Buttons with Flash


Scanning in Drawings for Flash Animations

3D in Flash


Resources for Using Flash

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