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Generating a PDF File from FrameMaker

by Ron Kurtus (7 June 2008)

The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file is a standard for formatting documents so they can be viewed and printed on multiple platforms. Considering the PDF format and FrameMaker are both Adobe products, it is surprising that converting a FrameMaker file to a PDF file is not straightforward and cannot be done directly from FrameMaker.

Assuming you have Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer, there are three steps required to generate a PDF file from FrameMaker. You need to set up Adobe PDF as your printer, generate a PostScript (PS) file and then generate the PDF file.

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Set up PDF printer

With your FrameMaker file or book open, the first thing to do is to set up the PDF printer, so that you can generate a PostScript file.

Select File > Print Setup... to open the Print Setup box.

On the Printer Name drop-down menu, select Adobe PDF. Make other adjustments, as needed.

Click OK to close the box.

When you print the document to file, it will now print it as a PostScript (PS) file.

Generate PostScript file

Next, you print your FrameMaker file to generate a PS file.

Select File > Print to open the Print Document box.

Print to File should be checked and should show your PS file name.

If you want to generate a complex PDF file, you can check Generate Acrobat Data and click PDF Setup... to make appropriate adjustments.

Click the Print button to generate your PS file.

Generate PDF from PS file

Finally, you use the PS file and Adobe Acrobat to generate the PDF file

Find your PS file in Windows Explorer, right-click on the file and select Convert to Adobe PDF.

Or, you can open Adobe Acrobat Professional and select Convert PostScript (PS) file to PDF.


Assuming you have Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer, you can generate a PDF file from FrameMaker by first setting up Adobe PDF as your printer, generating a PostScript (PS) file from the FrameMaker file, and then generating the PDF file from the PS file.

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