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Feedback Q&A on Health

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 1030 comments and questions on Health issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Resources Recommending mesothelioma resource USA
Waterless Cooking Replacement lids for Mastercraft waterless cooker USA
Cookware Companies 1962 cookware needs handles USA
Waterless Cooking Handles for Treasure Chest Cookware USA
General Could magnetic fields be causing problems? USA
Cookware Companies Needs handle for Dine Rite cookware USA
Resources Resources USA
Cookware Companies Wants replacement knobs for 1985 cookware USA
Waterless Cooking Cookware lid whistles USA
X-ray Risks Getting a dental x-ray Pakistan

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Recommending mesothelioma resource

Topic: Resources


January 16, 2017

Good afternoon

My name is Virgil Anderson, and I’m a cancer patient at NCI. I saw some information on your site about mesothelioma and asbestos, and I was hoping you had room for The medical professionals behind got me into NCI, and have been responsible for my continued battle against mesothelioma. They sponsor The American Cancer Society, ALA, Make a Wish Foundation, MD Anderson and many, many more.

Please, if there’s anything you can do to help, let me know.

I appreciate your time in advance, and hope you’re off to a good start in 2017.

God bless,

Virgil - USA



Thanks for the information. I checked an saw that I already have a link to However, I moved it to a more prominent position.

Best wishes for a full recovery from your cancer.

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Replacement lids for Mastercraft waterless cooker

Topic: Waterless Cooking


January 14, 2017

Do you have a source for replacement lids for Mastercraft waterless cookers? They have the steam release valves on them. These were purchased in the 80's. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


Teresa - USA



Mastercraft cookware has been out of business for some time now. There are various used sets available online, but I doubt you could find replacement lids. Sorry.

Best wishes in finding a solution or source.

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1962 cookware needs handles

Topic: Cookware Companies


December 2, 2016

I have waterless cookware purchased in 1962 by Future Homes. Stainless steel pan needs replacement handle. Any suggestions?

Linda - USA



You can check a local repair shop. They may be able to install generic handles. Best wishes for success in getting new handles.

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Handles for Treasure Chest Cookware

Topic: Waterless Cooking


November 29, 2016

Hi, I have a set of treasure chest cookware from the mid 70s. To the best of my memory, they were 18/8 stainless steel waterless cookware. They are still in excellent condition, except for a couple of handles. Any ideas where I can find them. Thanks

Susan - USA



Your cookware sure has lasted a long time. You can check Treasure Chest Cookware, but the company is based in England.

You can check a local repair shop. They may be able to install generic handles. Best wishes for success in getting new handles.

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Could magnetic fields be causing problems?

Topic: General


November 14, 2016

Hello Ron,my name is Michael G. McGovern. I am a Plumber and I was looking up info about the effects of a magnetic field on cells. I came upon your information and I found it to be excellent. Thank you.

I believe that the magnetic field from high voltage power lines caused the water in my brother in laws toilet to become hard water and ruin the toilet. I also believe that the same magnetic field caused his three daughters cells to not act according to there specific design. Two of the girls developed type 1 juvenile diabetes and the third developed thyroid problems. Both are cellular malfunctions.

I looked at the said problems from a plumbing point of view. Because the toilet looked like it had been accumulating deposit of minerals because of hard water but the water was soft I started to wonder how this could be possible. Then I looked out the window and I noticed the high voltage power lines. I believe that the power lines magnetic field caused the water to become hard. Like reversing the softening process. Which could be true.

I also started to read about power lines and their magnetic fields. One thing I did notice was that there is a higher rate of leukemia with people by the power lines. A cellular malfunction again.

Do you think it may be possible, if the magnetic field did cause the cells to not perform correctly, such as it appears to have done with the water. Could these cells which are not functioning correctly due to the effects from the magnetic field be made to in turn act accordingly. Such as we do with hard water?

Sorry if this is long and goofed up but I am trying to stay awake. I just turned 51 and I need a nap. Thank you for your time. Have a safe and positive day. Sincerely

Michael - USA



High voltage lines radiate electromagnetic fields. Some people are more sensitive to this radiation than others. However, my preference is not to live near them if possible.

Likewise, I don't think it is a good idea to sleep with an electric blanket, since the radiation is right near you, even if it is a lower power. Also, there had been studies about radiation from over-using cell phones or mobile phones. None of the studies actually proved the dangers 100%, but I prefer to be cautious.

The health problems that your nieces have may be a result of the radiation. But doctors really can't tell for sure.

As far as the water becoming hard goes, the minerals have to come from somewhere. High voltage electromagnetic fields wouldn't create those minerals. If he has a water softener, it may be on the blinks. Or maybe he needs one. Others in the neighborhood should have experienced the same problem.

Also, it would be worthwhile to see if other children in that neighborhood were having health problems.

I hope this helps, and best wishes for the health of the girls.

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Needs handle for Dine Rite cookware

Topic: Cookware Companies


October 11, 2016

Do you know where I can find long pot handle for Dine Rite waterless cookware? Bought them in 1973

Lizabeth - USA



I have no listing of the Dine Rite company. The company probably went out of business in the past 43 years.

You might try local repair shop or cookware store to see if you can use some generic handle.

Best wishes in getting your cookware fixed.

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Topic: Resources


June 5, 2016


With looming budget cuts and states slashing social service programs, I'm sure many people are turning to your site to find free health resources on a daily basis. I know the immense amount of time it can take to compile these items for your community, such as those on your Useful Links page, so I thought that you might appreciate being introduced to some of the free resources and content that we provide at

Here are a few that I believe are a good fit for your audience:
How To Choose The Best Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center Guide (
Detoxing from Alcohol: The Definitive Guide (
Please let me know your thoughts and if there's anything that I can do for you. I'd be happy to share your resource page with our community as well.

Thanks in advance!

Nicholas Russi, LAADC, NCAC, CCS
Co-Owner & Director of Kool Living Recovery Center
Linkedin // Website

Nick - USA



Thanks for the suggested resources. I added them to the Mental health Resources page.

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Wants replacement knobs for 1985 cookware

Topic: Cookware Companies


May 12, 2016

I purchased a set of Society cookware for my daughter when she graduated from high school in 1985. the knobs on the lids broke.I need to know if I can purchase replace knobs.

Barbara - USA



Check the website. They have a link to replacement parts.

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Cookware lid whistles

Topic: Waterless Cooking


April 11, 2016

Dear Mr. Kurtus,

Thank you so very much for the educational review of this unique product. It's much appreciated.

I have inherited an old, but pristine set, from my beloved professor of 32 years ago. He may have them that long or longer. He told me he got them from United Surgical Steel Co Inc. in Montgomery ALA on a teacher's discounted plan. He taught in New Orleans.

At any rate, I did some investigation (thanks to your informative site) and it seems they were manufactured by American Cookware Inc.

Which brings me to the reason for reaching out:
The tops have a spring loaded handle. I have tried to tighten them so they would sit flush to the lid but there is a space where steam escapes from. The issue is a very loud whistling that occurs when steam escapes. It's rather irritating to say the least. If I tilt the top the steam releases that way and no whistling occurs. But then the pot's not completely covered.

Would you be able to offer any advise regarding how to manage this feature?

Other than that the cookware is phenomenal. I enjoy cooking and so did he. This, in part, is what makes my inheritance so very special, as they lasted his lifetime. I'm certain they'll last mine.

Thank you so very much,
Gigi Canales

Gigi - USA



One thing you can try is to call United Surgical Steel Co Inc. at (334) 281-3440. It is a long shot, but they may be able to help you.

You might also check American Cookware's Facebook page.

Also, you might try a local repair shop to see if they can fix the problem.

I hope this helps. Best wishes on getting your cookware lid fixed.

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Getting a dental x-ray

Topic: X-ray Risks


March 1, 2016

what is the safe way for taking dental x rays,
how to take the dental x ray?
procedure please.

Rahmat - Pakistan



Most dental x-ray machines have low dosages of radiation and are safe. However, the dental technician should provide a lead vest to protect the reproductive areas of your body.

Usually a film container or x-ray detector is held on the inside area of the teeth being examined by the x-rays.

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