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Floaters in the Field of Vision

by Ron Kurtus (updated 11 May 2002)

Many people see tiny objects floating in their field of vision. These are called floaters.

Seeing these objects seems to happen more often during middle age, although children may also observe them.

Floaters are not usually harmful, although they can indicate other problems if they occur in excess.

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What causes floaters?

Floaters are tiny clumps of material that are floating in the fluid inside the eye. Some are simply blood cells or parts of other cells that have gotten loose in the fluid. After middle age, the vitreous gel in the eye degenerates and forms microscopic clumps that float around in the eye.

The current in the fluid causes the floaters to move about. Although they are microscopic in size, their location between the lens of the eye and the retina magnifies their appearance in the field of vision.

Do floaters indicate problems?

Floaters are usually just annoying, but if there is a sudden increase in them, it may be an indication of a detached retina.

If you witness a sudden increase in floaters--especially if you also experience flashing lights in you vision--you should see your ophthalmologist, optician or eye doctor.

Can anything be done about floaters?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about floaters. Many of them slowly diminish in time. Otherwise, you just get used to the floaters and start to ignore or live with them.


Floaters are very small clump of material floating in the fluid in your eye. They are an annoyance that increases with age. If there is a sudden, drastic increase in floaters, you should see an eye doctor.

You only have two eyes; take care of them

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