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Mini-Quiz: Leaching from Cooking Surfaces

by Ron Kurtus (updated 23 April 2022)

Take this Mini-Quiz to check your understanding of the lesson material.

1. Why is aluminum used in waterless cookware demonstrations?

Because the cooking surface of waterless cookware is aluminum

Because it is less expensive than stainless steel

To show it will readily leach into baking soda water

2. What is an advantage of cast iron pots?

They add needed iron to your system

They build your strength due to their weight

They are easy to clean with a wet rag

3. What is the purpose of the baking soda demonstration?

There is no real purpose to the test except to entertain people

It shows the hazards of using too much baking soda in your food

It shows new stainless steel is superior to aluminum pots in some cases

If you got all three correct, you are on your way to becoming a Champion in being Healthy. If you had problems, you had better look over the material again.

A positive attitude also helps you stay healthy

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Healthy Meat and Potatoes by Charles Knight, H.P. Books (2001) $16.95 - Cookbook on using waterless/greaseless cookware from creator of Health Craft cookware.

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