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Designing Books with InDesign

by Ron Kurtus (updated 22 January 2022)

Do you want to design professional layouts for print and digital publishing using Adove InDesign software? Then this section if for you.

Adobe® InDesign® is a software application for the design of professional layouts for print and digital publishing. It allows you to create print layouts, immersive content for playback in the Flash Player runtime and interactive PDF documents.

The latest version is InDesign CC (Creative Cloud). Unfortunately it is not backwards compatible to some earlier versions of InDesign.

Since I use InDesign to format my books, that is the emphasis of these lessons.

If you have any questions, send me an email.

InDesign Contents


Setting Units and Increments

Creating a New Document

Using the Story Editor

Adding Text Hyperlinks


Creating a Tri-fold Brochure

Book Covers

Overview of Creating a Book Cover

Adding Bleed to Book Cover

Making a 3-D Book Cover Image


Preparing for Printing Files with Graphics


InDesign Resources

Self-Publishing Resources

Survey results

See results of survey questions

My books


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