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Ron Kurtus' InDesign Credentials

(revised 18 January 2014)

Ron Kurtus is an independent publisher and owner of SfC Publishing Co., the media arm of the School for Champions educational website. He has published two books: Tricks for Good Grades and Gravity and Gravitation.

These books and their covers were formatted using Adobe Indesign. The books have been published as hard-copy books, as well as e-books in the Kindle, EPUB, and PDF formats.

Kurtus has knowledge and expertise in using InDesign in the publishing business, gained through hands-on experience, studying of various resources about the industry, and communicating with top experts in the field. He has also worked in website design, using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Coldfusion programming language.

Material he has written has also been cited in 151 published books, including Physics textbooks and a book published by NASA.




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