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Adobe InDesign Resources

by Ron Kurtus (updated 9 February 2022)

The following websites and books are good Adobe InDesign resources. If you have any suggested additions or corrections to this list, let me know about them.

Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.


Adobe InDesign CC software - One year subscription $239.88


Adobe InDesign Help and Support

Adobe InDesign Forum

Adobe InDesign Tips

InDesign Tutorials -

New Document

How to Create a New Document in Adobe InDesign CS6 - InDesign for Dummies

Create New Documents- Adobe InDesign Help


Hyperlinks - Adobe InDesign Help

Create a PDF Hyperlink Using InDesign CS5 - InDesign for Dummies

How to Create Interactive PDFs in InDesign Using Hyperlinks - Tutorial

Making Text Anchors the Fast Way - InDesign Secrets

Story editor

How to Use the InDesign CS5 Story Editor - InDesign for Dummies

Editing Text - Use the Story Editor - Adobe InDesign Help

Don't Overlook InDesign's Story Editor

Hidden Gems: The Story Editor - InDesign Secrets

Book design

How to Layout a Book in InDesign - From

How to design a book in InDesign - From

How to Create a Book Template in InDesign - From

Cover design

Create a Book Cover in Adobe InDesign - Method by Susan C. Daffron

How to Create a Historical Fiction Book Cover in Adobe InDesign

How to design a book cover in InDesign -

Design a Paperback Book Cover in InDesign -


Ascend Training - Classroom and online training

American Graphics Institute - Adobe porducts training, online or in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia


Top-rated books on InDesign

Version CS6

Adobe InDesign CS6 Classroom in a Book - Adobe Press

Adobe InDesign CS6 on Demand by Steve Johnson

Writing In InDesign: Including Design, Typography, ePUB, Kindle, & InDesign CS6 by David Bergsland

Version CC

Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book

InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign



You can use these resources for learning more about using InDesign.

Do research to learn more

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