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Gaining Knowledge by Reading

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2022)

One of the most important ways that modern humans can gain knowledge is by reading. You can witness the experiences and thoughts that people have documented throughout the ages.

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What to read

Reading can include the newspapers, magazines, work- or school-related books, fiction, and books on subjects of interest.

Reading fiction cannot only get you involved in the story, but is also a source of useful facts and representations of how people act and think.

Books and magazine articles can teach, as well as give opinions of the authors.

You should not only read about things you are interested, but also be curious enough to look into new material and different subjects.

Where to get material

You can get books from the library or bookstore. You can access articles, essays and lessons over the Internet.


Problems concerning reading is separating the wheat from the chafe. Among the useful information exists a large quantity of useless or even incorrect information. Even within a useful text, there may be extraneous information on which you just don't need to spend the time.

Speed-reading and skim reading are useful skills to help decide what you should bother with.


Reading is an important way to gain knowledge.

Learn by reading

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