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Daily Ritual of Champions: a Philosophy of Life

by Ron Kurtus (updated 12 May 2023)

To achieve your purpose and get the most out of your life, perform the following steps as a daily ritual:

  1. Be thankful
  2. Live as a Champion
  3. Enjoy life and help others enjoy theirs

Questions you may have include:

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1. Be thankful

No matter what problems you have or how bad things may seem, there is always something to be thankful about. Don't dwell on the negative. Think of the good things you have, and the problems and challenges will soon diminish or even disappear.


People who have lost all their belongings in a natural disaster often will say, "At least we have our lives and none of us was seriously hurt." That is something for them to be thankful of, despite their material losses.

Then there is the story about the man who was unhappy because he didn't have any shoes. Then he saw a handicapped person with no feet. He realized how lucky he was.

You know whom to thank

Be thankful. And you know whom to thank every day, according to your beliefs.

2. Live as a Champion

This doesn't mean you must be the world champion. Instead, you are a person who acts and feels like one who can achieve anything. You may also champion a worthy cause to help other people.

In order to be a champion in anything you do, you must fulfill the five basic areas in life. We call them the 5 Powers of a Champion.

Be healthy

Take care of yourself. Strive to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. You feel good when you're healthy.

Be knowledgeable

Always seek to learn, so that you'll be skilled in what you want to do. You feel sure when you're knowledgeable.

Be excellent

Strive to achieve your goals, do a good job and have confidence and self-esteem. You walk tall, when you know you are worthy.

Be valuable

Seek to be important and valuable to others. This is the crux of good relationships, as well as business. Value in relationships includes listening and caring about the other person. A good friend is a valuable commodity.

People reciprocate your actions by providing something valuable to you.

Be honorable

Try to always be honest, courageous and reliable. try to be a person of good character. Others will respect you for your integrity.

3. Enjoy life and help others enjoy theirs

Seek to enjoy the adventure of life. Celebrate your achievements. Use your set-backs as challenges to overcome. If you are in a competition, congratulate the winner.

A major part of enjoying your life is to help others enjoy their lives. Help people succeed. That is what it is all about. That is your purpose.

Help to improve society and improve the world.


Follow this way of thinking every day to make yourself a Champion, as well as others.

Become a true Champion

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Be a Champion!

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