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Designing Your Day

by Ron Kurtus (4 February 2006)

Since you live your life one day at a time, it is a good practice to design your day such that it will be enjoyable and productive. You really do this the night before by making plans for the next day. Then you get up in the morning with a positive attitude, complete your tasks and celebrate your successes. Finally, you start the process all over for the next day.

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Start the night before

You start in designing your day the night before.

List goals

Make a list of three major goals you want to achieve tomorrow. If you have a task that will take more than one day, break it into smaller pieces and get a goal to achieve one or more of those pieces tomorrow.

Although you often see To-Do lists that can be a page long, we want you to only list three major items so that you can be sure of completing them. You can have a separate list of items to do, but these major achievements will make your day a success.

Listing these goals will put them in your subconscious mind, such that you will start to work on them while you sleep. You will also be anxious to get to them in the morning.

Give thanks

Then before you go to sleep, give thanks for the blessings you have had throughout the day and in your life.


Get up in the morning with enthusiasm, achieve your three goals, and then celebrate the outcome.

Wake up

When you wake up in the morning, do so with enthusiasm. Tell yourself, "It is a great day to be alive!" Some people take a while to really wake up and get going, so you may have to adjust your enthusiasm until your "motor is running."

Achieve goals

Then work to achieve your three goals. You may do one at a time or jump from one to another. The main thing is that you finish these three before you move on the less important items.


After completing each goal, celebrate and congratulate and praise yourself for the job well-done. This is important, because it bolsters your confidence and feeling of self-worth, so you can be effective in future tasks. If someone else praises you for the good job you have done, that is like frosting on the cake.


You will benefit from following this routine of designing your days in that you will be more effective and efficient. You will get more out of the day without the stress of having to multitask and have an endless list of things to do.

You also will give yourself some much-needed positive feedback, which will give you a stronger sense of self-confidence and esteem. You will feel like a champion each day.


It is a good practice to design your day, such that it will be enjoyable and productive. You start the night before by making plans for the next day. Then you get up in the morning with a positive attitude, complete your tasks and celebrate your successes. The result is that you will do more and have greater confidence and esteem.

Make every day a great day

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