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Formula for a Good Life

by Ron Kurtus (revised 4 February 2005)

There are basic facts concerning your life, such as the fact that you are on this Earth for a limited time, you have been given a certain body and mind, and you have been placed in certain circumstances. From these facts, we can establish principles or a formula for a good life, which is always seek things to appreciate, meet your challenges, and enjoy the adventure.

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Basic facts

The basic facts about life determine your starting point. That starting point can be right now.

Limited time

You have been placed on this Earth for a limited time.

Won't live forever

Young people feel that they will live forever. The fact that we all are on this Earth for only a limited time usually doesn't sink in until a person reaches middle or even old age.

Realize and take advantage

Realizing that your time is limited should point you toward taking advantage of this opportunity of life.

Body and mind

You have been given a certain body and mind.

Not a perfect body

You are given a body that is less than perfect. Some people are even handicapped or may have ailments that may shorten their lives.

Not a perfect mind

You also have a mind with certain capabilities. Part of this includes your personality and the various characteristics that you may have.

Accept and overcome

Accepting what you are given and trying to overcome the obstacles, handicaps and challenges your body and mind provides you gives you meaning in life.


You are placed in certain circumstances.

Affects opportunities

The circumstances you are born in can affect your health, ideas and opportunity to grow. Some are born into a wealthy, loving family. Some are born in poverty or in a war-torn country.

Struggle to improve

Rising above your circumstances is an important, but difficult, task. It is part of the struggle to survive and a motivating factor in life.

Principles for a better life

By considering the basic facts that apply to every person on this planet, a belief system to get the most out of your life can be established. The principles promoted by the School for Champions for getting the most out of the opportunity of life are that you should:

  1. Appreciate what you have
  2. Meet your challenges
  3. Enjoy the adventure of life

1. Appreciate what you have

No matter how long your life on Earth is, what type of body and mind you have and what your environment or situation is, you should appreciate what you have.

You should not expect more, although you can hope for more. Look at what you have and be grateful. Count your blessings.

It is like the saying: "I was unhappy, because I had no shoes... until I saw a person with no feet." Appreciate what you have.

To whom should you be grateful? Follow your own spiritual or religious beliefs.

2. Meet your challenges

Life is full of challenges. Having a goal to overcome a challenge is what makes life worthwhile. Look at your problems as challenges to overcome.

Physical challenges

A person may be physically handicapped. You can overcome the challenge if you try or at least make the best of the situation.

In the 1920s, two college-educated men in New York were crippled by polio, unable to walk and doomed to life in a wheelchair.

In 1932, one of those men sat in his wheelchair on a New York City street corner, begging for dimes.

In 1932, the other man was elected President of the United States. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Circumstantial challenges

You can be living in poverty or in a dysfunctional family. These are challenges to overcome. Many a successful person started in poverty, only to rise to a position of prominence.

Try to improve your circumstances.

3. Enjoy the adventure

Life is a journey. It is a series of experiences. It can be an adventure. Accept the good with the bad and enjoy the whole adventure.

Always celebrate your achievements and congratulate the winner. Be a Champion!


When you appreciate things, your eyes open up to possibilities and opportunities. You also can enjoy what you have and make the most of it.

Then as you see problems and negative situations that may harm you or hold you back, you can look at them as challenges to meet and overcome. Having the right attitude will help bring success.

Celebrate and enjoy every success and achievement you have. Enjoy the people around you. Savor life and the adventures you experience.


We are here for a limited time, so we should take advantage of the experience. The way to a good life is to: seek things to appreciate, meet your challenges, and enjoy the adventure. Following this formula will give you more joy and meaning in life.

A good life is much better than a bad one

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